CineVend offers complete DVD Rental Vending Solution to Video Store Owners, Vending Operators

Released on = February 16, 2007, 2:20 pm

Press Release Author = CineVend

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Seattle company is giving DVD rental retailers a chance to
use technology to reclaim market share.

Press Release Body = February 25, 2007 (Seattle, WA) - CineVend is giving DVD Rental
retailers a chance to use technology to expand their every sense of the
word. With the CineVend DVD Rental Vending Machine (RVM), enterprising video store
owners can move beyond their four walls and take their video stores directly to
their customers.

CineVend works exclusively with video stores, vending operators and existing
businesses. CineVend's President, Gregory R. Kriegler said, "It makes perfect sense
to offer our equipment to video store owners and vending operators first. Vending
operators and video store owners have industry specific knowledge that will help
them be more successful, more quickly than the rest of small businesses entering
this space."

"We have an advantage.we have the best equipment at the best price, and we're ready
to grow. When we work with existing DVD retailers or vending operators they are
able to grow faster because they understand the value of each disc and what it takes
to generate a healthy return on investment."

How Does It Work?
To rent a disc, a customer selects a movie through the clear glass front (like a
snack machine), swipes a credit card (like an ATM) and they're on their way. When
they're done, the customer can return the movie to the machine and it is ready to be
rented by the next customer.

Where do Video Store owners put Rental Vending Machines?
An RVM is the perfect solution for on site DVD Rentals at colleges, large apartment
communities, health clubs, hospitals, and grocery/convenience stores. Since the
equipment only takes 3.5 square feet, it can fit virtually anywhere.

Why Do Video Store Owners need Rental Vending Machines?
The RVM offers a new level in convenience and a chance to reclaim customers who
abandoned traditional video rental for online, subscription based rentals. With the
CineVend RVM, customers can get the movie they want, when they want it.without the
trip to the video store.without ordering online.

Most video store owners already recognize the majority of their rentals are new
releases.The CineVend RVM gives sore owners a chance to provide high velocity, new
release titles to customers without making an extra trip or waiting days to for the
postman to deliver the movie they no longer want.

How is the CineVend DVD Rental Vending Machine different?
The CineVend RVM is designed for video store owners who have the foresight to
recognize the changes in their industry and want to profit from it. It can be
branded with the video store's logo or CineVend's logo. CineVend will provide
online support including a real time list of movies currently available in the each

The CineVend RVM operates on a secure, non-pc based operating system. It is more
reliable than touch screen kiosks and less susceptible to hackers and viruses. It
holds the perfect number of discs to be the destination for new release DVD Rentals
without trying to be everything to everyone. The CineVend RVM is the best in class
equipment at the best price.

Why Now?
The DVD is projected to have 10 years of technological relevance. While there are a
number of good locations available, the best locations will only be available for so
long before they are plucked by enterprising entrepreneurs. CineVend sees the value
in working with video store owners to help them maintain and recapture market share
within their field.

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Media Inquiries Please Contact
Joseph A. Carver
(877) CINE 227 x 702
3518 Fremont Ave N #580
Seattle, WA 98103

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