Edward Longo has been accepted into the Agora Gallery, a prominent Lower West Side Gallery in Chelsea, New York

Released on = February 1, 2007, 6:36 pm

Press Release Author = Edward Longo

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = New York, NY -- The exhibition is from March 16 - April 6
2007. The opening date for the Edward Longo art exhibition is March 16th with the
Reception date on March 22nd from 6 to 8 PM. The adress for the Agora Gallery is 530
West 25th Street, Chelsea New York, NY 10001 Normal gallery hours are Tuesday -
Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm.

Press Release Body = According to the countless people who have ever experienced an
exhibit, or purchased one of Mr. Longo\'s paintings, there seems to be no distinction
between the master painters who have become famous for their art, and his unique
approach to emotional expression exhibited over time. Located just off the East
river at 78th Street and York Avenue, Edward Longo has over one hundred paintings
which can be viewed within his studio walls on any given day. All one has to do to
these unusual images is make a call. After that, he will take delight in the
emotional expressions and experiences felt by the prospective buyer, whether
actually making a purchase, or not.

Biography: \"Edward Longo\'s physical and mental makeup constitutes equal parts of
talent and tenacity. The impetus for his series of paintings began when, emerging as
an inspirational painter, this artist realized a strong connection with master
artists of the past. His ability to create works of art purely from imagination is
quite a remarkable gift. Behind that descriptive lies a genuine appreciation for
pastel thinking, especially as it relates to a verdant countryside. Early life on
the East Coast brought him in contact with elongated shorelines. The artist was
drawn to the ocean much in the manner expressed by England\'s laureate, John
Masefield, who wrote the immortal lines, \'I must go down to the sea again, to the
lonely sea and the sky.\"Many voyages ensued, courtesy of the U.S. Naval Air Corps.
So, brine rolling foam, lusty breezes and ocean swells became ingrained within the
confines of a sensitive soul. Establishing himself in New York City, he took a
serious approach to creative painting. Longo\'s fulfillment came in expressing
himself. Exhibitions followed -- the public was responsive, the art critics
complimentary. Galleries & the walls of prominent restaurants have given the
developing \"Longo legend\" good exposure. Although his artistic bent has encompassed
music, psychology, acting & writing, it is painting that has given him a sense of
even greater gratification. His originality begins the moment he
becomes one-on-one with the canvas. Brush or knife in hand, he is able to express,
through God-given ingenuity, experiences that have been an integral part of the
artist for decades. Edward Longo is not a product of traditional training. He is a
gratified man because his strokes carry with them excitement, surprise and freedom
of expression, as well. I would describe him as being the son of an ethereal
marriage of spirit and inspiration.\" Gary Stevens - syndicated columnist.

\"Every art painting is an original - each painting becoming developed through a
different attitude.Creative painting is not merely the process of executing one\'s
medium, such as oil, or acrylic - it is the art of transferring one\'s feelings from
the palate onto the canvas. Ultimately, when the artist\'s work is being observed it
will be appreciated for the inspiration that transpired during its inception.
Creative art, therefore, simply becomes a matter of transference of feelings. To put
bluntly: art without feeling is tantamount to observing a stained glass window
without light, or a Tiffany lamp without its electricity.\" . . . Edward Longo.

Edward Longo is also the founder of Original Art Paintings:
www.original-art-paintings.com. More information can be found on his personal
website: http://www.edwardlongo.com. The artist can also be reached by mail: 503
East 78th Street, New York, NY 10021. Forward inquries by E-mail to iloveny @
nyc.rr.com. Or call his studio at (212) 737-8538.
About Original Art Paintings: Original art paintings by Edward Longo offers original
oil and acrylic paintings for sale. The artist creates paintings that are of the
following styles: abstract, expressionism, modern, impressionism, figurative,
scenic, and much in between. Original artist, Edward Longo, founder of original art
paintings is represented by
Agora Gallery NYC.

Web Site = http://www.original-art-paintings.com

Contact Details = Company Name: Original Art Paintings
Company Contact: Edward Longo
Company Phone: 212-737-8538
Company Email: elongo1 @ nyc.rr.com
Site: http://www.original-art-paintings.com

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