Get Your Shine on This Oscar Season Says Lena Nozizwe Award-Winning Broadcaster and Author

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Get Your Shine on This Oscar Season Says Lena Nozizwe
Award-Winning Broadcaster and Author

February 22, 2007 Beverly Hills, CA The shiny gold guy with the bald head does not
have to be the only one who shines on Oscar night.

Emmy award-winning broadcaster and author Lena Nozizwe declares that this season of
glamour and glitz is the perfect time for all of us to bring out our own star

"Don't just gaze at the stars, be one," says Nozizwe.

The author of the motivational book, Starring in Your Own Life: Reveal Your Hidden
Star Quality and Make Your Life a Blockbuster Hit!(ISBN 0-784-87308-7), published
by Simon & Schuster knows what's she's speaking about.. Her map to the stars
guidebook features some of Nozizwe's own Ugly Betty moments as she outlines how she
made the transition to swan.

Nozizwe says Hollywood doesn't have to be all about sex tapes, paternity tests and
shaving off your hair.

"Why not look to the stars for inspiration and life lessons?"

Life Lesson #1
 Don't Listen To Your Critics
If Jennifer Hudson had gone quietly into the night after Simon Cowell's lacerating
comments on American Idol, she would not be about to experience the most exciting
night of her life. So why should you give up if someone puts you down?

Life Lesson #2
 Try A Different Role On For Size
When Helen Mirren first got the call to be The Queen she had second thoughts. If
she stayed within her comfort zone she would not be getting ready to walk the red
carpet as the nominee for Best Actress. Don't always play the best friend or
villain. Actors are always looking to expand their range. Why don't you?

Life Lesson #3
 Create a Happy Ending, No Matter What
Ellen DeGeneres is now revealing the secret that she was molested as a child. Such
criminal and selfish attacks on children have destroyed countless spirits. Ellen has
not only been able to smile through her trauma, she's brought joy to our lives as
well. She'll do exactly that as host of this year's Oscars. Take control of your
Lifescript. Write yourself a happy ending, no matter what.

Starring in Your Own Life is filled with specific ways we can all shine, whether it
means looking the part, casting the right co-stars or finding our true motivation.

"We spend so much time worrying about what so and so is wearing to the Academy
Awards and who he or she is dating we don't take enough time to make sure our own
lives are stellar," says Nozizwe.

The Washington Post gave Nozizwe props as one of the most fashionable residents of
the nation's capital. The San Diego Union Tribune called her "inspiring." The
Pasadena Star News described her book as one of the few "hip" motivational books on
the market.

You may have seen Nozizwe on CBS, SKY TV, BET or America's Most Wanted. She's been
featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, Complete Woman, First for Women, Malawi
First and The Adventist Review.

Nozizwe was born in Malawi, known as the warm heart of Africa. The nation is now
known to the world as the place where Madonna fell in love her newest child, baby
David Banda.

It wasn't a pop star who got Nozizwe's family out of Africa. It was a television
program. The pioneering reality show, This is Your Life featured Nozizwe's mother,
Dr. Alice Princess Msumba Siwundhla.

Dr. Siwundhla came to the attention of the show's producers after she was adopted by
American missionaries Lowell and Josephine Edwards (no relation).

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