ITV Ventures Home Based Business Creates a New Business Model

Released on = February 6, 2007, 9:43 am

Press Release Author = Jay Olivo

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Donald Barret and ITV DirectT Have Launched a sister company
Called ITV VenturesT and a new home based businss model has been created by
combining direct responce advertising with MLM

Press Release Body = Very soon, you will be hearing about a company that will
break MLM history records. I know you have all heard that
before and are skeptical about any new start up company.

Make no mistake this company is no start up.

What we have is a six-year-old debt free privately
held company whose founder is worth well over hundreds
of millions.

This young entrepreneur has spent the last six years
building the most award winning and lucrative direct
response multi media company.

His humble background started as a pizza cook. Today he
has four corporate locations two on the east coast one on
the west coast and a distribution center near the great

Just like most people who start in MLM Donald tried and
failed. So instead of giving up like most people do, he
re-directed his energy purchased air time on a cable
TV station and in 8 months with one product he earned
80 Million dollars.

After six years of phenomenal success with his TV infomercial
business Donald has created a new business model that takes
the pain out of the network marketing business.

Imagine a MLM that has over 200 consumable products advertised on
national TV without any cost to the distributors. Imagine
that you can take orders from people who see the infomercial
and call your home to place an order. Imagine when they
re order the products they do it painlessly through your
business and they are your customer for life.

Imagine that this company will advertise this business opportunity
on national TV and people eager to start a home based
business calling your home to enroll.

Imagine never having to ask or bother any friends or family
about your products or service or business because you have
people calling you every day when they saw an advertisement
on television for a product or opportunity they want to be

Well you don\'t have to imagine that any longer because now
it is a reality and you can be right at the forefront of
of history in the making.

Combining the power of internet marketing, MLM marketing
And television advertising with over 50 million dollars spent
annually on infomercials that promote products that positively
impact people's lives, Donald has created a new business model
that will be celebrated in History.

Learn more about this opportunity by attending a live conference
Call listed on our web site or listening to our toll free recorded
24 hr two minute overview.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Visit our web site and contact me so I can answer all your

Two-minute overview 1-800-720-6062

Jay Olivo
Lindenhurst NY

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