Jennifer Ann`s Group Announces Partnership with the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline

Released on = February 7, 2007, 10:48 pm

Press Release Author = Drew Crecente

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Jennifer Ann\'s Group announces that they are partnering with
the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline to help teens involved in dating violence.

Press Release Body = ATLANTA, GA, February 8, 2007 - Jennifer Ann\'s Group is pleased
to announce that they are partnering with the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline in
their fight against Teen Dating Violence.

Jennifer Ann\'s Group has ordered 10,000 Educational Cards that will educate teens
about the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship. The Educational Cards
will include the new National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline number 1-866-331-9474
(1-866-331-8453 TTY).

The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline is a national toll free number providing
teens and their friends and families with a source of information that will be
available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Teens that are experiencing
relationship abuse or dating violence that call the helpline will receive helpful
information and referrals. In addition to being staffed 24 hours a day, the helpline
will be staffed with volunteers aged 18-24 during the hours of midnight and 2 AM
when many teenagers are most likely to call.


Jennifer Ann\'s Group was created in February, 2006 after the murder of Jennifer Ann
Crecente on February 15, 2006 by a former boyfriend. Jennifer, a high school senior,
was an honors student that attended school in Austin, Texas and spent her summers
with her father in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 501 (c) (3) group works to educate teens and their friends and families about
the prevalence of Teen Dating Violence as well as how to identify abusive
relationships. Since its inception Jennifer Ann\'s Group has piloted an Educational
Card program with credit-card quality plastic cards that identify warning signs of
an abusive relationship. The pilot program of 1,000 cards was distributed to high
schools, church groups, medical offices and The Texas Psychological Association.

According to a study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited, a third of teen girls
in dating relationships fear for their personal safety.

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Contact Details = Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson

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