New Magazine Inspires Consioucs Parenting and Empowered Kids

Released on = February 13, 2007, 12:52 pm

Press Release Author = Sue Woodward/The Solution Place

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = New magazine is knocking the socks off west coast readers as
it talks sense about how to raise kids, communication and the future of our country.

Press Release Body = Maybe Wendy Garrido inherited the magazine gene from her
parents, who both worked at Newsweek magazine in New York. In any case, the Puget
Sound resident is launching North Star FamilyMatters with a vision toward changing
the future of children and families.

As publisher and co-founder, Wendy seems aligned with other University of Chicago
grads destined to forge a unique path in the world. \"The University of Chicago
places a high value on critical thinking skills and individual perspectives,
encouraging us to move beyond the norm. This magazine will impact parents and
children to move beyond the norm as well." Her intelligence, background, and
insights make Wendy a great interview.

Why a magazine for parents and kids? Wendy is passionate about the subject. \"This
magazine is a result of my experience growing up as an empowered child, where I was
responsible for and supported in maintaining my love of learning and high
self-esteem. I want tomorrow\'s kids to move away from drugs, alcohol, and teen sex
toward healthier choices because they value who they are as individuals, feel
confident in their interactions with the world and are inspired to contribute their
unique gifts.\"

North Star FamilyMatters is unique to the area because it is geared to both parents
and kids with articles, tools, techniques, creative games, ideas, and the support
they need--it is interactive and dynamic. \"We don\'t see this as competition for the
other parenting magazines in the area, but as an enriching and much-needed addition
to address the emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of today\'s

With a January 2007 launch, the magazine has a professional, up-scale look with a
focus on inspiring conscious parenting and empowered kids. What is an empowered kid?
\"Empowered kids are secure in their value as individuals, not looking toward peers
or drugs to affirm their self-esteem. They are in touch with their natural love of
learning, so they are self-motivated and know that they have something important to

North Star FamilyMatters is a family affair: Sue Woodward, Wendy\'s mother is the
managing editor and author of the series, Atlanta Finds her Power, while Wendy\'s
French husband, Prem Carnot, is the business manager, bringing a diverse background
in finances, marketing, and customer service.

North Star FamilyMatters will be distributed in the Seattle area initially,
expanding to the rest of the Puget Sound region by year\'s end, and then branching
out nation-wide in order To Inspire Conscious Parenting and Empowered Kids.

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Contact Details = Wendy Garrido
Sue Woodward
Public Relations & Ad Sales
Call (888) 360-0303 or e-mail

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