Released on = February 15, 2007, 2:07 pm

Press Release Author = Pixel Dragons Limited

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Woking, Surrey, 15-02-2007 - Pixel Dragons Ltd, specialists
in batch digital image processing software has today released the latest update for
Image Genius Professional 3.1.0.

Press Release Body = Following on from customer feedback this latest update to Image
Genius Professional incorporates various enhancements aimed at improving the speed
and ease of use. It also incorporates some additional functionality.

Image Genius Professional is a powerful digital image-editing tool that processes
large numbers of images via a pipeline consisting of a number of preset operations.
A pipeline is created by simply dragging and dropping selected operations on to a
workspace and linking them together to form a pipeline. Each operation has its own
settings for users to adjust to suit their workflow. Image Genius Professional,
which includes over 100 operations and commands, would be a powerful tool to add to
any individuals or organisations armoury especially if excessive amounts of time and
money is spent performing the mundane repetitive task of editing large numbers of
digital images.

This latest release eases the pipeline building process with commands automatically
linking together following an amendment to a pipeline and therefore removes the need
for a user to manually link operations together saving time. Additionally the save
image operation and the imaging engine have been improved in order to simplify and
speed up pixel-based operations. The overall time taken to save new images has also
been improved.

Other new features include a JPEG file size limiter option so that users can specify
maximum file sizes to save to. Image Genius Professional will automatically adjust
the image quality in order to fit in with the selected size parameters. Furthermore
a user can now also see a preview of their images before selecting them for
processing via an enhanced open file dialog box. There are also two new resize
modes, \"Crop Fit\" and \"Best Fit with Padding\", the application now also support TGA
files and now includes a new FTP Upload Folder operation.

Further information and news on Image Genius Professional is available at
www.pixeldragons.com . A trial version of the product is immediately available for
download. The purchase price for a one-user licence is 59.99.

About Pixel Dragons Ltd - Pixel Dragons Ltd was founded in March 2006 by two
brothers-in-law, Andy Pike and Vito Serafino to provide high quality batch image
processing software applications.


Web Site = http://www.pixeldragons.com

Contact Details = Contact Person: Vito Serafino
Company Name: Pixel Dragons Limited
Telephone Number: 08704794078
Email Address: vito.serafino@pixeldragons.com
Website URL: www.pixeldragons.com

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