So Tell Me What Do You Like About the Big Apple

Released on = February 17, 2007, 2:39 pm

Press Release Author = Miriam Medina

Industry = Education

Press Release Summary = The History, a non-profit educational website
contains an extensive exploration of the early history of New York City, which
deserves attention as one of the world's most magnificent cities.

Press Release Body = "Chronology of New York City's Factual First" provides insight
into the growth and development of this magnificent city. We hope this compiled
list encompassing the 1600s to the 1900s, will prove grist for your curious mind.
As her first step in commencing this project, Miriam Medina, a native New Yorker
presents in a delightful way critical and laudatory responses from the current
residents of the "Big Apple." After all, New Yorkers are known for telling it
exactly as it is, so let\'s hear what they want to say regarding their home town.

"Get atta my face!" "Oy Vey!" "The apartments are so expensive unless you live in a
rat infested roach hotel," "Those pushcart peddlers will rob you blind and selling
hot merchandise no less," "There\'s no place to park unless you pile the cars on top
of each other," "Forget the subways; it\'s like being in a can of sardines,"
"Awesome!" "Oh how I love the annual parades they are such a beautiful sight," "I\'ve
got gates on my windows and three locks on my door doesn\'t that tell you something?"
"It\'s cool man, Freedom of Expression!" "New York City has some real nice parks, if
you don't mind the pigeon crap," "I hate living here it\'s very stressful!" "There
are lots of good ethnic restaurants," "There are too many immigrants," "You take
your life in your hands when you cross the street, these crazy drivers don\'t believe
in red lights or stop signs here," There are lots of great theaters especially on
Broadway, but watch out for the muggers and the pick-pockets," "Hic! I\'ll drink to
that, hey lady can you spare a buck?" "Some of the neighborhoods look like a war
zone," "It\'s a great place for bargain hunting," "I hate the summer, smells like
last year\'s garbage is still out there-- and the list of complaints and applause

New York, New York: It\'s a hellava town. New York City has always had its share of
growing pains, complete with political, social and economic upheavals galore. What
are some of the recurring issues? Crime; accommodating masses of impoverished
immigrants and migrants; the deterioration of neighborhoods; intolerable housing and
extortionate rents; high taxes; unemployment; political and racial riots; police
brutality and political corruption: and that\'s just the beginning. Yet, in spite of
all the discomforts and miseries, miraculously, most of those who crowd the city
streets of the" Big Apple" choose to stay. New York, New York. is a source of quality information for literary scholars, writers,
historical societies and academic institutions.

In her capacity as the Website creator and administrator, Miriam Medina is a member
of the following societies: The New York Historical Society, The New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society, Urban History Association, the Sheboygan
County Historical Research Center and the American Association for State and Local

History is Miriam Medina's passion, and she loves nothing more than sharing their
long-term relationship with you.

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