Stock Market Traders` Stock Picks Alert - Michael Fleischer, Doctor Turned Stock Trader, Shares the Good News of CMAA with Worldwide Audience

Released on = February 13, 2007, 7:56 am

Press Release Author = Prosper News Inc.

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Gainesville, FL.--- For stock traders seeking greater
profitability and more consistent results from their stock picks, a new trading
platform may be just what the doctor ordered.

Press Release Body = Gainesville, FL.--- For stock traders seeking greater
profitability and more consistent results from their stock picks, a new trading
platform may be just what the doctor ordered. Michael Fleisher, a chiropractor
turned successful entrepreneur, has created a system he describes as "a stock market
in a box" to help novice traders and seasoned veterans alike navigate their way
through the often overwhelming stock market. "Most traders are intimidated by the
stock market environment," says Fleischer. "But the good news is that there is an
easier way. Under my EZ Trade pro system, stock evaluation is made simple and stock
picks are delivered daily to our exclusive membership, eliminating work and worry
for both the fledgling trader and the guy who's been doing it the hard way forever.
Our system generates safe and consistent earnings, helping families plan for the
future and letting Grandmom sleep peacefully at night, knowing her IRA is finally
out-competing inflation."

Until recently, these everyday folks that Fleischer's so passionate about helping
didn't have access to the revolutionary formula that drives the EZ Trade pro system.
EZ Trade pro is based upon a written code called CMAA (Conductive Market Anomaly
Analyzation), which was developed by a highly successful Wall Street trader and kept
top secret -until now. Fleisher recently received exclusive permission to make the
CMAA formula accessible to the general public, and he's confident that use of his
system will change how people feel about investing in the stock market. "CMAA is
going to open so many doors for investors from all walks of life," Fleisher says.

CMAA is a proprietary programming code contained within a state-of-the-art trading
platform that is managed by an elite team of programmers. The code's genius lies in
its ability to sort through volumes of information each day and pull out only the
top stock picks. "Most traders really struggle to make sense of the stock market and
spend hours attempting to systematize data," says Fleischer. "Ninety five percent of
traders lose their money trying to manage the impossible task of taming the Goliath
known as the stock market. CMAA is really helping to usher in a new world of stock
market trading that is much more simple, safe, time efficient and consistently

The CMAA formula is available to traders exclusively through Fleischer's EZ Trade
pro system. EZ Trade pro is a user-friendly application of the CMAA formula that
delivers relevant market news and the best stock picks to members on a daily basis.
Stock picks are graded with a very specific criteria to help each member make
empowered choices, and the consistency of the system cuts through the impulse and
emotion often associated with the stock market to deliver a new model of stable,
accurate trading. "Our members build their stock portfolios with the ease and
confidence of seasoned Wall Street professionals," says Fleischer. "People who have
traded in the market for years are telling us that, with EZ Trade pro, it's never
been easier - or less stressful."
Peace of mind isn't the only benefit of the EZ Trade pro system. Fleischer says that
in addition to increasing traders' confidence, the EZ Trade pro stock picks system
for trading takes the guesswork out of trading and teaches traders how to make money
in up, down and sideways markets. And unlike other programs on the market, EZ Trade
pro doesn't require members to buy software or learn to read complicated charts and
graphs. "EZ Trade pro really is completely revolutionary," says Fleischer. "It's in
a class of its own."

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Contact Details = For more information about the EZ Trade pro member services, log
on to Dr. Michael Fleischer can be reached by e-mail at, or interested parties may call him at (386) 418-0352.

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