Weather does not stop the determined Or were they hypnotized

Released on = February 14, 2007, 4:20 pm

Press Release Author = Dan Vitchoff

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Pittsburghers go out in bad weather to get hypnotized.
Clients are determined to get to the Pennsylvania Hypnosis Center even in the
February snow and sleet storm.

Press Release Body = Dan Vitchoff, Pittsburgh Hypnotherapist is amazed that his
clients chose to come to his North Hills office yesterday and today. "Even the
people who have not yet been hypnotized came", replied Vitchoff, a Board Certified
Hypnotherapist and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Dan, said his staff
called all of his clients that were booked for yesterday and today to alert them of
the weather conditions and to let them know he was not really expecting them to come
for their session. He found that some chose to reschedule but was quite impressed
that many people wanted to keep their appointments. Dan Vitchoff\'s pledge to be
available to his clients was challenged when sleet, freezing rain and constant snow
dawned the Pittsburgh area. He stayed good to his word and remained opened for all
who wanted to visit the Pennsylvania Hypnosis Center.

When asked why Vitchoff thought the people wanted to come in he stated, " First I
attribute this to my people just being Pittsburghers. We all know the determination
of people in Pittsburgh. Drive and determination are not characteristics reserved
only for our famous Steelers." He then explained the strong commitment that his
clients have made to themselves and the pride they have in the success whether it be
weight loss, smoking cessation or general area of improvement. Vitchoff did note
that his clients assured him they had vehicles that could get them to and from the
PA Hypnosis Center.
He also noted that no one can be hypnotized to do something they do not want to do.
They just came in because they wanted to come in. The PA Hypnosis Center is a quiet
and welcoming environment that people like to visit to escape and focus on good
things for themselves.

So as the snow continues to fall, the adventurous flock to visit Dan Vitchoff at his
North Hills, Pennsylvania Hypnosis Center.

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Contact Details = Dan Vitchoff
1 Williamsburg Place
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15086

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