Weathered Stone(tm) - Buy Product Remnants on ebay(r)

Released on = February 23, 2007, 1:16 pm

Press Release Author = Sommer Smith

Industry = Construction

Press Release Summary = Weathered StoneT launches stone sheets nationwide that do
the unthinkable: Bend it over and under and wrap it around the tiniest crevice.
Presto! Instant stone surface!

Press Release Body = Fairhope, AL-February 23, 2007- Weathered StoneT is now selling
product remnants on ebay. Weathered StoneT is a patent-pending, hand-made product
that will resurface practically all interior hard surfaces.
Installing the product is relatively simple. No more sawing or sanding to create a
custom stone look. The product uses a standard wall covering adhesive for walls and
fireplace surrounds. Sean Howard, President and Inventor of Weathered StoneT, has
worked with multiple chemists to develop an adhesive called Dura-CoreT that hardens
the product from the inside, out. Dura-CoreT is used for floor and countertop
applications, and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Three
applications of a C-500 UrethaneT clear topcoat will complete a floor or countertop
"The ease and convenience of installing Weathered StoneT will revolutionize the way
stone surfaces are used," said Howard.
The added bonus of choosing Weathered StoneT is that it is a repairable product. The
Weathered Stone grout is an acrylic based material, and will recolor any nicks or
dings in the material. If there is substantial damage, install another piece of
Weathered StoneT where the damaged occurred. Voila! Instant Fix!
Weathered StoneT is produced on a canvas backing; the texture is primarily plaster,
and has 15% additives for strength and durability. The product is then cut, cracked,
and colored by hand. Weathered StoneT has 22 standard colors, and custom colors are
available. The product is manufactured in pre-cut sizes, and can easily be cut down
to any size or shape.

Web Site =

Contact Details = 355 Commercial Park Drive
Fax: 530-451-9346

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