What`s In a Name - How the Right Domain Can Do Magic for Your Business

Released on = February 19, 2007, 3:37 pm

Press Release Author = Joe Luna

Industry = Small Business

Press Release Summary = Want your business to really take off? Change your name.
No, not your real name.Your Domain Name!

Press Release Body = Imagine this happening to you.

Someone walks up to you and says, \"Hi, my name is Jim Jones.\"
If you met him tomorrow, would you remember his name? Probably, right?

Now imagine if someone walked up to you and said, \"Hi, my name is Michael Kevin
Would you remember his name tomorrow? No way!

As silly as it sounds, this is exactly what 99% of network marketers are doing
everyday with their company replicated website or \"domain\" name. That\'s right, the
very domain name your MLM company gave you to promote your business is more than
likely working against you. Ugh!

Here\'s why. Company replicated websites like www.everyonelooksyounger.com/4628163
are long, unattractive, and difficult (if not impossible) to remember. And besides,
most people will usually drop off the distributor number at the end and go straight
to www.everyonelooksyounger.com.

So, what\'s the solution? It\'s called \"domain registration and forwarding\". And it
not only solves this crazy problem, but can absolutely be used to your advantage!

Here\'s an example. If you had a domain name like
www.everyonelooksyounger.com/4628163, you could easily create a more user-friendly
domain name like www.Youth4U.com. Now, every time someone types in your new domain,
a domain hosting website can then forward your prospects to your company replicated
website. Pretty cool, huh!

And guess what, the same idea applies to your email address too. Which email
address would you be more comfortable doing business with?

kungfubob723@yahoo.com or MikeB@NorthStarEnterprises.com?

Just think how it would feel if you received an email from a realtor or insurance
agent using kungfubob723@yahoo.com. What comes to mind, professional or amateur?
Where would your confidence level be? - Probably not very high.

Now, take a look at your business. What kind of image is your domain name or email
address projecting, professional or amateur? If you answered \"amateur\", here\'s the
good news. You can easily choose a domain name that's more appealing and easier to
remember using domain registration. A quick search on the web will show you
numerous websites that offer domain registration and hosting options.

Domain registration is a very simple skill to learn and apply. Therefore, the move
to \"professional\" is literally just a few clicks away.

So, the domain name you choose plays a major role in how prospects see you and your
business. Make sure you come across as positive, appealing, and professional. By
choosing a great domain name, you can easily give your business the edge and put
yourself ahead of the pack.

Web Site = http://SkyRocketMarketing.com

Contact Details = Explode your business! Get a FREE copy of the #1 step-by-step,
fully illustrated, domain registration guide \"MLM Domain Secrets!\" just by opting-in
at http://SkyRocketMarketing.com

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