Winged Aces 3D v 1 - Sky Guardians Are Going to Take-off

Released on = February 13, 2007, 8:36 am

Press Release Author = Kryptile Screensavers

Industry = Software

Press Release Summary = Watch this unique 3D airplane screensaver with real physics,
3D video and audio.

Press Release Body =
Unique and one of a kind screensaver has arisen. Kryptile Design created realistic
3-dimensional flight simulation of glorious flying battle machines of the past. See
it on your screen - exciting steep turns and loops of World War II fighters.

Take off!

New airplane screensaver is up to take vacant space on real fans of battle aviation
hard drives. Accurate 3D models conquer the sky and make complex aerobatics figures
eagerly. Air-engines are roaring, propellers are striking the air moving steel
fighters fuselages - the most beautiful weapon of that war.

"Who of us didn't enjoy making airplane models when we were kids? Blowing out your
cheeks and sounding like an engine you lead fighters to the last battle with your
own hand. We grow up but love for aviation stays with us" - says Roman
Belogorodtsev, the main creator of Winged Aces 3D. "It's incredibly interesting to
watch flying fighters. Too bad there were no such screensavers. That's what we're
going to change".
This new screensaver gives you depth of the boundless sky and with a help of
realistic flying physics, four different airplanes models and Dolby Surround sound
creates an atmosphere of rash air fight right on your desktop.

Availability and Pricing

Winged Aces 3D is available for download immediately as try-before-buy software from
the website License keys are for sale for US $17.95.

About Kryptile Design

Kryptile Design was formed in October, 2003 to be a ferocious rival for leaders in
both entertainment software development and design of interactive systems for PC.
We, who are not as others, look for different estimations of things, of life and
face them atrocious and beautiful sometimes. We propagate the soul fly and the
philosophic viewpoint through the power of modern graphic and sound cards.
Information about Kryptile Design and its services can be obtained from its website

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: f.2, h.33, Frunze st., Taganrog
Russian Federation

Phone Number: +79044443806

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