a shocking dispute on islam

Released on = February 12, 2007, 12:07 am

Press Release Author = Dolph Jacobsz

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Press Release Summary = Different versions of the Kuran appear to exist on the web,
some very peaceful, some advocating hatred and death to non-believers. A shocking
web site, that takes the violent version of the Koran for the original one,
picturing Allah as a man-made monster and his prophet as a deranged looter-warrior,
spreading his islam by the sword, as his followers continued with after him.

Press Release Body = When one searches the web on verses of the Koran, one will find
that different sources, even pro-Islamic ones, give totally different subjects for
the same verse numbers. Very clearly, the Koran appears not to be the same as the
Koran. Because the Koran is seen by Muslims as God\'s own words, directly spoken to
the Prophet, this is absolutely and totally unacceptable - what are we to believe?
Moreover, at least one version of the Koran is a terrible book, in which God
advocates hatred against infidels and orders to kill them in the most harsh
wordings, like cutting off their heads and fingers, to instigate massacres among
them, etc. Evidently, Islamic terrorists such as Al Queda, go by this book!

Also the biography of the prophet Mohammed varies strongly with the source, though
mainly exists in two basic versions, one, where Mohammed and his followers did not
use more violence than needed to protect themselves and the other one quite the
opposite, where Mohammed and his followers initially indeed were the persecuted
ones, butlater turned into offensive looters and warriors, spreading Islam by the
sword.Undeniable is the fact that Islamic warriors conquered the whole of Arabia,
Palestine, Syria and large parts of North Africa and Persia, within four decades
after Mohammed\'s death, not credible to have been accomplished in such a short time
by the work of peaceful missionaries only. Clearly it was the violently expanding
Arabic Empire, finally stopped to invade Europe further in the West, by the
Merovinger Charles Marteau (Karl Martel), with the battle of Poitiers in 732.

The author of this newly released website therefore assumes the violent version of
Islam, thus including the violent version of the Koran as the original one and an
aggressive, deranged Mohammed as its originator. This is a shocking web site for all
truly believing Muslims, where Allah is pictured as a man-made schizophrenic
monster, that cries blood if it is not worshipped, in delusion propagated and
enforced by the warrior-prophet Mohammed, suffering from hallucinations, rather than
having had divine revelations. Indeed, it must be shocking, in order to make its
point and bring Muslims to think, instead of just ignoring, or conveniently
forgetting it. Thus it also includes an \"interview\" with \"God\", an imaginary
monster, that explains itself in realistic terms, not in the least something for
Christians to consider as well.

However, this web site is not just an offending one, but offers well motivated and
verifiable arguments that support its views and includes a hymn to an unnamed,
universal God, as an alternative to the God of Abraham, thus definitely not an
atheist, anti-religious web site. If only half of its views would be correct, it
appears that the Islamic World has a real problem, to say the least.

Web Site = http://www.allah-akbar.bravehost/com

Contact Details = Huwai Bong, T.Ban Beung, A.Ban Rai
P.O. box 7
Uthai Thani 61140, Thailand
e-mail: nonfides@yahoo.com
(no private telephone connection available in this area)

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