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Title: Sponsor needed to revive Florida Philharmonic
Release Date: 2006-03-31 20:36:26

Summary: Local conductor plans concert for 2006


The Weekly News - May 2005

Many remember the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra, which played all over South Florida for more than 30 years. It was considered one of Florida's largest performing arts groups and was the resident orchestra for the tri-county area. Millions enjoyed FPO concerts before they disbanded a few years ago due to a lack of leadership and funding."Now they are bringing the Cleveland Orchestra here for a winter residency," says Geoffrey Hale, who played second bassoonist with the FPO. "Although that may help a few concert goers, it doesn't help the community or universities find good music teachers because after FPO broke up, a lot of them left town." Recently though, Donald Covert, a West Palm Beach resident who studied under themusical genius of Leonard Bernstein, has been trying to raise the funds needed to revive the FPO. He says he's hoping to conduct a "world-famous orchestra."

Covert, who first started conducting in his room as a young boy by listening to records and waving a baton, was trained all over Europe and leads every concert from memory, never using a score to guide him through a show. He has already hired 40 members of the original FPO, including Hale. The bassoonist says he's a little skeptical; but he would love to see the orchestra re-emerge because it represents a full-time job for all the players with pensions and health coverage."I'd love someone to restart it, but it's a very long road from one concert to putting 84 musicians back to work," Hale says. Covert is confident; he has set a date of Jan. 8, 2006 for the first concert."I've already given the players a deposit to ensure they will come and play," he says. "Right now, what I'm looking for is someone willing to invest some time and money into the event - an investor, a sponsor, mainly to cover the cost of advertising the event." Covert, who describes himself as Bernstein's successor, is specifically looking forat least $5,000 for advertising in the Miami Herald."If I get this sponsor or investor, it's going to be a fabulous success - just like Bernstein in his day - and if someone wants to put in more money, we can get even more players to play the just over an hour concert featuring Wagner's 'Siegfried Idyll' and Schubert's Fifth Symphony, B-Flat," Covert says. "I really want to work with FPO because they are some of the world's best players and I get along well with all the players, not to mention that I hear they always show up to play." ORCHESTRAL MANEUVERS: Donald Covert of West Palm Beach is a conductor who trained under Leonard Bernstein and is working to revive the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.

The concert is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m., Jan. 8, 2006 at the Artime Theater in Miami. Tickets will be available through Ticket Center in Miami for approximately $30. Tickets can be reserved, but the official seating chart will not be ready until the end of May. Call (305) 358-8888 or (866) 358-8889 to purchase tickets. If you're interested in sponsoring or investing in the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra revival, e-mail Donald Covert at or visit the Web site at


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