Charity and good business see Ethan H Weitz in news spotlight

Released on = March 16, 2007, 10:35 pm

Press Release Author = Amerland Enterprises Ltd

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Ethan H. Weitz promotes socially aware business model for
Ethan Weitz Charters.

Press Release Body = In business publicity is like oxygen. Not enough of it and your
business may die. Too much and it may grow giddy. Ethan H. Weitz, founder and owner
of a small, individually owned boat charter business is all too aware of this.

Ethan Weitz Charters is, at present, in the publicity spotlight as the company's
activities and business model of social responsibility and commercial success has
been picked up by the Press. "It's a balancing act," concedes Ethan H. Weitz whose
name, without the middle initial, is carried by the company, "for some time we have
considered the idea of promoting the company and our activities. We have grown
through word of mouth and recommendation sufficiently to be able to experiment with

The newfound publicity for the boat and fishing trips charter company has led to
both a heightened profile within its community of South Florida and more requests
from charitable organisations and schools. "We are unusual. We work pro-bono," says
Ethan who once was also featured in the 2002 Ripple Guide for having caught the fish
of the year.

Beyond his company's charitable charters Ethan H. Weitz has, over the years, been
involved in a large number of donations to worthy causes which range from his
alumni, Brentwood school to Colombia School the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Is charity good business? Ethan admits that it's not always easy but helping the
communities you are directly involved with improve is something he is obliged to do
by conviction. "If Ethan Weitz Charters was a large company with a Board of
Directors it would probably be a lot tougher to sell that to them," he says about
his company's practising business model. "As it is, Ethan H. Weitz is the sole Board
member and he needs little convincing," he jokes.

The positive impact the charter company's activities is having on members of its
community who are amongst the less privileged is beneficial enough for Ethan to
continue to promote his company's services.

"Business is business but as long as we are having a positive impact out there I
will continue to promote the company," he says, though he does concede that the
recent wave of publicity the company is getting is a little unusual and the direct
result of the fact that charitable organisations and schools have been having
difficulty finding out about his services easily, the attention of the Press is
bound to help.

Obviously charity and business can work well together as Ethan H. Weitz's applied
business model now proves.


Notes to Editors: Ethan Weitz Chartered Tours is a service hired out to
organisations on a pro-bono basis. It can be accessed by any registered charity,
organisation working with underprivileged children, religious fellowships, schools
and hospitals. It was founded by Ethan H. Weitz who is also the owner and captains
the boat himself.

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