In A Time Of Digital Information And The Internet, Are Paper Shredders Becoming Relics Asks Office Zone

Released on = March 8, 2007, 10:57 am

Press Release Author = David Stuart / Office Zone

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = More information is being transferred over the Internet than
ever before. Are shredders still a necessity or are they becoming a piece of

Press Release Body = KAYSVILLE, Utah, February 20, 2007 - Identity theft is a
continuing problem and will more than likely never go away. With more people than
ever transferring data over the Internet, fraud is no longer a "paper only" issue.
With our population moving towards a paperless society, most people still agree that
paper will never go away.

With the invention of the computer, e-mail and the Internet, many thought paper
would disappear. Most people will agree, however, that junk mail, credit card
applications, bills and other paper material have only been on the rise. It is very
tempting, when faced with so much junk mail, to simply throw these items in the

Many people think that simply tearing the mail in half will suffice. What they don't
realize is that a letter that has been torn in two pieces is very easy to piece back
together. Once re-assembled, the letter can be read, and if an application, be
filled out and mailed from any location. Many credit card companies will still
accept applications that are slightly damaged.

This means that paper shredders are still needed, and more now than ever. All mail
with personal information should be shredded. It doesn't take much information to
steal one's identity. It is a good idea to keep a shredder in the office, home
office and in any location where mail may be opened.

Although large amounts of data can be transferred over the Internet, by way of
e-mail or inter-company networks, CDs and DVDs are still widely used to hold data
and information. When no longer needed, these storage devices should be destroyed.
Many paper shredders now are capable of not only shredding paper, but CDs and DVDs
as well (

Office Zone, a leading supplier of paper shredders online, has a wide variety of
information on choosing the right paper shredder. You can find Office Zone's paper
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