Muslim Writers Publishing releases the third book in the popular `Echoes` series

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Muslim Writers Publishing announces the release of \"Turbulence\", the third book in
Jamilah Kolocotronis\' Echoes series. Kolocotronis is an American convert to Islam
who writes moving fiction with real characters who struggle with their faith and
their families. Her Echoes series has been critically and popularly cheered as a
perfect way for American readers to connect with the reality of Islam.

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Author: Jamilah Kolocotronis, 414-325-5728,
Publisher: Linda D. Delgado, Muslim Writers Publishing, 480-894-6014,,

TEMPE, ARIZONA: Brad Adams' brother, Joshua, has just been released from prison
after being held on false charges of terrorism. His mother has married a man the
whole family loves and respects. Things are finally returning to normal after the
havoc wreaked when the boys' father chose to squirm his way back into their lives as
he was dying of cancer. Then their mother and her new husband are killed in a plane

The death of his mother sends Brad into a spiral of depression. Poised to lose his
wife and thinking he's already lost his job, he decides to end it all by flinging
himself from the side of the Grand Canyon. His trip there turns into a journey of
self-discovery and spiritual exploration, and he returns home rejuvenated; ready to
start life anew. His family, bitter about his decision to leave, is reluctant to
take him back, and Brad finds his fledgling faith tested. It also becomes clear
that his family's wrath is not the biggest obstacle Brad must overcome. He is
forced to face one final set of demons that have the power to destroy all the
progress he's made and all the plans he cherishes for his family's future.

"Kolocotronis' epic family saga of despair, revenge, bitterness, hope, love, and
faith takes its place alongside Roots, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Forsyte Saga,
and The Thorn Birds."
-Pamela K. Taylor, Director, Islamic Writers Alliance

Echoes Series Backgrounder
Echoes (May 5, 2005, 220 pgs and ISBN 1-933037-19-9)
Rebounding (February 14, 2006, 372 pgs and ISBN 0-9767861-3-3)
Turbulence (February 9, 2007, 260 pages and ISBN 978-0-9793577-0-1)

Other Published Books by Jamilah Kolocotronis
Fiction - Innocent People, chronicles the lives of an American Muslim family after
September 11, 2001.
Nonfiction - Islamic Jihad, discusses in depth the principles and practices of
military jihad.

Jamilah Kolocotronis Bio
Jamilah Kolocotronis is an American Muslim, mother of six sons aged twenty-three to
ten. She earned her doctorate degree in Social Science Education. She has traveled
extensively in Southeast Asia and taught in Islamic schools for many years. Her
education and her experiences as an educator and as a mother have uniquely qualified
and driven her interest in writing literature focused on Muslim families,
particularly the struggles of Muslim men. Jamilah resides with her husband and sons
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Journalists: Jamilah Kolocotronis is available for interviews. Call 414-325-5728.
Publisher Contact: Linda D. Delgado, Muslim Writers Publishing, 480-894-6014, and

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P.O. Box 27362
Tempe, Arizona 85285 USA
Phone: 480-894-6014
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