South Florida`s Ethan H Weitz focuses on social role of his company

Released on = March 7, 2007, 3:35 am

Press Release Author = Amerland Enterprises Ltd

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Ethan H. Weitz is the motive force behind the socially
responsible role of Ethan Weitz Charters.

Press Release Body = Ethan H. Weitz, founder and owner of Ethan Weitz Charters, a
small, individually-owned boat charter company is directly behind the success Ethan
Weitz Charters enjoys within its very local community.

Chartered boat tours and fishing trips is a glamorous business. Usually the preserve
of either individuals with money or large companies with corporate expense accounts
and lavish entertainment budgets, it attracts operators who run things on a large,
cost-effective scale.

This is exactly where Ethan Weitz Charters are different. Founded by Ethan H. Weitz,
a man who has been a US Coast Guard captain and has had a twenty-year long
involvement with the US Coast Guard and the sea, Ethan Weitz Charters is a company
that breaks the mould.

"We usually don't court publicity," explained Ethan in a recent interview, "our
Charter company operates in a way that sets it apart from most operators in the

The difference between Ethan Weitz Charters and any other similar company is that
its founder, Ethan H. Weitz, has made social responsibility the company's mission
statement. "We work exclusively with charitable organizations, schools, hospitals,
religious fellowships, and underprivileged children on a pro-bono basis."

The emphasis placed by the boat charter company in this aspect has positioned it in
a central socially responsible role within its community. "We try to give something
back," Ethan verifies, "in recent years chartered boat fishing has focussed on
attracting high-spending clients, and yet there is an incredible amount of
therapeutic value in spending a sunny day on the water."

Ethan has been keen to play down the activities of his company and its role in the
community. "We normally are very self deprecating," he notes "this is a departure
for us because recently we have heard from charitable organisations who explained
that it was only by chance they heard about us."

Socially responsible commercial enterprises are not always great at attracting
publicity. "We are giving this a trial," says Ethan "I don't think huge publicity
drives is something we will be doing on a regular basis but I am aware that we need
to somehow increase our exposure to those who most need to use our services."

An indication perhaps that even a socially responsible commercial business model
progresses and evolves through the traditional trial-and-error approach of more
conventional enterprises.

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