The World`s Most Beautiful Woman com To Donate 50 percent Of All Advertising Revenue To The Global Fight Against Human Trafficking

Released on = March 8, 2007, 12:47 pm

Press Release Author = Jamie Hiebert

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = The largest online Beauty Pageant,, has
announced its intention of entering the ring in the battle against Human
Trafficking. A full 50% of all advertising revenues will donated to help tip the
scales in favor of the Woman and Children who are affected by this ever growing

Press Release Body = From Himalayan villages to Eastern European cities, from the
West coast of Vancouver, Canada to the most Southern tip of South America, people -
especially women and children - are attracted by the prospect of a well-paid job as
a domestic servant, waitress or factory worker. Traffickers recruit victims through
fake advertisements, mail-order bride catalogues and casual acquaintances.

Upon arrival at their destination, victims are placed in conditions controlled by
traffickers while they are exploited to earn illicit revenues. Many are physically
confined, their travel or identity documents are taken away and they or their
families are threatened if they do not cooperate. Women and girls forced to work as
prostitutes are blackmailed by the threat that traffickers will tell their families.
Trafficked children are dependent on their traffickers for food, shelter and other
basic necessities. Traffickers also play on victims\' fears that authorities in a
foreign country will prosecute or deport them if they ask for help.

Trafficking in human beings is a global issue, but a lack of systematic research
means that reliable data that would allow comparative analyses and the design of
countermeasures a rarity.

Their isn\'t a country on earth safe from Human Trafficking, nor is their a community
that isn\'t directly affected. The illicit revenues brought in daily exceeds not only
organized crime, internet fraud, identity theft, but the International Drug Trade as

There is a need to strengthen the criminal justice response to trafficking through
legislative reform, awareness-raising and training, as well as through national and
international cooperation. The support and protection of victims who give evidence
is key to prosecuting the ringleaders behind the phenomenon.

It is to this end that has decided to make this commitment in
support of established global organizations to combat and eventually defeat this
growing epidemic.

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Contact Details = To contact for more information regarding
advertising opportunities please contact Jamie Hiebert at, or

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