California Teen Raises Money to Find a Cure for Alopecia Areata

Released on = April 23, 2007, 10:38 pm

Press Release Author = DR. JAY BHATT (949) 463-0524

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Vikram Bhatt (age 15), a Straight A 9th grade student at
Laguna Hills High School has initiated a NOBLE fundraising charity to research the
cures for Alopecia Areata that results in the loss of hair. This common
non-contagious but very challenging disease affects more than 4.7 million American
males and females of all ages. It has profound impact on one\'s life and functional
status, both at work and at school.

Press Release Body = Vikram has suffered from Alopecia Areata since he was 5 years
old. A few years ago, Vikram initiated a noble fundraising charity to research the
cures for this disease. Among other things, he designed and got manufactured
attractive wristbands. With the permission of the appropriate authorities, Vikram
spent numerous hours selling the wristbands for $2 each to the students and parents
of La Paz Middle School, Laguna Hills Little League, and Mission Viejo National
Juniors Basketball League. Friends and others of Vikram were supportive of his
charity efforts. Profits from these events were submitted to National Alopecia
Areata Foundation (NAAF).After joining Laguna Hills High School (LHHS), Vikram
continued his goal of creating awareness about this disease and assisting NAAF.
With the permission of the Principal of LHHS, Vikram founded "Fighting Alopecia
Areata Club", a Charity Club at LHHS. Many of Vikram\'s friends and fellow students
have become a part of this Club. ALL the kids in this Club are helping to increase
the awareness and to raise funds to cure Alopecia. This club's objectives are to
increase public awareness of Alopecia Areata and raise funds for the National
Alopecia Areata Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting the
disease. In order to do so, they organize school and local events, donating all
profits to aid this nonprofit organization. During a fund raising event outside
Wal-Mart in Aliso Viejo CA, LHHS Fighting Alopecia Areata Club raised almost $ 800
by selling COOL wristbands for $2 each.

Vikram Bhatt, Age 15, 9th grade straight A Honors, completing Eagle Scout,
Tae-Kwon-Do Black Belt, varsity golf team member, tuba player, recipient of numerous
awards and scholarships

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Contact Details = DR. JAY BHATT Laguna Hills, CaliforniaPhone: (949) 463-0524

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