Florida golf courses - Forget the rest stops, golfers love the I-75 `trail`

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Press Release Summary = Forget the rest stops, play golf along Florida\'s I-75
\'trail.\' Florida golf course features at FloridaGolfGuide.com

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Driving through Florida on Interstate-75? There are great golf courses along the
way, from Suwannee Country Club in Live Oak and Southern Oaks in Lake City, all the
way south to Saddlebrook and the TPC near Tampa, and Tiburon in Naples.

(April 25, 2007) - Before nearly every exit on Interstate-75, which starts just west
of Miami and stretches all the way to Canada, you\'ll see those little official signs
showing nearby gas, food and lodging.

That\'s great if you\'re tired, hungry or low on unleaded, but what if you want to
play golf? Wouldn\'t it be great if they included golf courses you could play without
getting too far away from the fast lane?

For those golfers hell-bent for a little winter golf in Florida, here are your
roadside, golf course signs for courses close to I-75 that we recommend.

We\'re assuming you\'re traveling north to south. Mile markers are approximate.

. Mile 450: You\'ve only been in Florida now a few minutes. You haven\'t even seen a
palm tree yet. Not much golf in these parts of rural, north-central Florida, but the
Suwannee Country Club outside of Live Oak is a nice, little nine-holer that has some
elevation changes you might not expect.

. Mile 420: Southern Oaks Golf Club in Lake City is a happy, active place where on
any given day you might see owner Ron Brooks out on the course, operating a backhoe
or one of those big, industrial mowers. Or you might see him stop during a round,
get down on his knees, and yank out a clump of goose grass.

\"I\'m just an old country boy who\'s worked hard all my life,\" Brooks said recently.

That puts him in good stead with the hard-working people of Lake City, a
hard-scrabble town between Jacksonville and Tallahassee where most people hunt or
fish when they aren\'t working the 9-to-5. The greens are probably the best in the
area. The course still has problems with drainage, especially during heavy rains.

Also: Quail Heights Country Club.

. Mile 390: Ironwood Golf Club, 10 minutes off I-75, is a good municipal course in
Gainesville, a short, but facile layout that, unlike other development-driven
courses in the area, is a pleasant walk in the park - or more specifically, the
woods, since there are all sorts of critters ambling around.

It\'s what a muni should be - a cheap course with an interesting layout that caters
to anyone who wants to play the game of golf without all the expensive bells and

Also: Meadowbrook and Turkey Creek Golf and Country Club (formerly Plantation Oaks).

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April 27, 2007
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