Golf tip - Use the tee box to your advantage for lower scores

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Kellie Stenzel a noted PGA Professional who has been a Golf For Women magazine Top
50 teacher since 1999, offers a golf tip for golfers hoping to improve their game
with better driving off the tee.

(April 10, 2007) - When you walk up onto a tee box do you randomly place your tee
into the ground or do you take into consideration your situation and make the best
of it?

Use the following guidelines to help you lower your score by playing smarter.

1. Find a flat area Do not assume that all tee boxes are created equally. Some are
better than others. Always be sure to find a flat area where you will be able to
stand normally. Over time, tee boxes can become uneven. Why make your shot any more
difficult than necessary?

2. Look for the best angle to your target When you place your tee into the ground,
look for the most direct route to your target. If by walking to the far side of the
tee box you can have an angle to your fairway or pin that does not require you to
have to hit over any trouble - a bunker or water, for example - you should take the
time and energy to do so. Be looking for the path of least resistance

3. Tee off on the side of the trouble It may seem counter-intuitive but it is easier
to aim away from the trouble if you are on that particular side. If you have out of
bounds on the left, it can be helpful to tee off on the left side of the tee box and
aim away.

By placing yourself on the side of the trouble it can give you a better angle to the
safer side of the fairway as it can visually open up that direction to you and make
it easier to aim well.

Next time you go to the golf course, take extra time and care to where you place
your golf tee and ball into the ground. By following these three simple guidelines,
you can play smarter - and therefore better.

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April 12, 2007
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