Golf, grassy knolls - Dallas perfect for conspiracy-minded golfers

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Press Release Summary = Dallas brings golfers, conspiracy theorists together. Texas
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Press Release Body = Golf courses like Jerry Jones\' Cowboys Golf Club and the TPC
course at the Four Seasons Resort make the Dallas area a magnet for convention-going
golfers. The grassy knoll of JFK-assassination infamy makes it pretty good for
conspiracy-buff golfers too.

DALLAS - The grassy knoll is actually pretty nondescript. It\'s been so mythologized
in TV and film that you expect something grander. But it\'s just a hilly strip of sod
along a rundown sort of road.

A hilly strip festooned with souvenir stands.

Dallas\' most infamous tourist attraction is proof that conspiracy theorists need to
eat too. The true believers are out there, hawking $10 glossy magazines and $50 DVD
sets packed with gruesome pictures of what is supposedly John F. Kennedy\'s head
split open by several bullets.

The question that\'s brought me out to this glorified underpass is: Do conspiracy
theorists golf?

Everyone who visits Dallas seems to make their way here, even if it\'s just for a
quick look and a photo snap. Surely there must be plenty of golfers among this
curious army.

Wonder if the guy in the green army jacket and the camouflage hat offers golf
packages along with those \"Who Shot JFK\" T-shirts?

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April 16, 2007
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