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Released on = April 28, 2007, 9:18 pm

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Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Online Job Agency,, facilitates and
provides more accurate matches between job seekers and company requirements.

Press Release Body = Apr 30, 2007 - ( wants to
offer better outcomes for companies seeking new employees and for job seekers
looking for new career opportunities., launched last Christmas, is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) "online job
agency" that matches companies with job seekers and operates for the Australian and
United States of America markets.

The site offers two options. One is completely FREE of charge while the other relies
on the use of detailed skills matrix to provide additional skills filters and costs
AUD$27.50 / US$23.00.

Genuinely FREE and Privacy Ensured

The FREE option is genuinely free. Many sites offer candidates CV searches then
charge the advertisers to retrieve the contact details. The way
works is to provide a framework for two willing parties to exchange contact details.

For instance, once an advertisement matches a job seeker search criteria, the job
seeker will receive an email providing the advertisement description, this
advertisement description will not contain the advertiser's contact details. Should
the job seeker wish to apply, it will trigger an email message back to the
advertiser with a link to view the job seeker's profile. The job seeker's profile
will not contain his/her contact details either. If the advertiser decides to
contact the job seeker, he/she will shortlist the particular job seeker - this will
trigger an email message back to the job seeker with the advertiser contact details
and the job seeker will initiate the communication.

Detailed Skills Matrix and Shorter Recruitment Cycles

The Skills Matrix of focuses on the Procurement, Supply Chain,
Marketing, Finance, and Administration management functions. The Skills Matrix
covers four main categories that both Advertising Companies and Job Seekers must
complete. Those are People Skills, Technical Skills, Technology Skills, and
IndustrySkills. The additional value add is that advertising company actually
receive application from job seekers in ranking order based on the job skills

For instance, Advertising Companies will receive a sorted listing of job seekers
based on skills match. Job seeker ABC meeting the job requirements by 83% while job
seeker XYZ skills only matching the job requirements by 37% - therefore providing a
much better approach to matching job seekers with internal Company job requirements
and therefore speeding the recruitment cycle and providing both parties with the
right levels of expectation.


In simple terms a company provide a service/product to a market to generate a sale.
That service/product goes through numerous departmental touch points (R&D,
marketing, sales, procurement, finance...) with each touch point contributing to
revenue or cost through:

- Business processes (across departments)
- People^ (with different skills)
- Technologies (to satisfy specific functional requirements)

^The people aspect is the most important asset to a company. People can bring a
company forward without business process or technology, but business processes add
nothing without people skills. People can also bring a company to a stand still or
bring it backward without the proper skills to perform a function.

People have existing skills and acquire new skills. They work with other people\'s
skills to deliver value to a process, and they may do so with or without the support
of technology.

Through its Skills Matrix, aims to assist companies define their
internal skills requirements of a job function that will add value to the other team
members, to its department, and to the company as a whole. Parallel to this, a Job
Seeker will also complete the same Skills Matrix to pinpoint their areas of
strength. Our system will best match the job with the job seeker.

This approach dramatically reduces the recruitment cycle and employee turnover, and
minimise job dissatisfaction down the road.

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+61 (0)2 8011 3670

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