John Dote` The Las Vegas Bullet

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John Dote\' The Las Vegas Bullet

Look out Las Vegas, the \"Theme Man\" has arrived and he\'s vowed to not only make his
mark on the entertainment scene, he hopes to change it\'s face. Those positive
feelings were expressed by Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote\' as he sat in the living
room of his home where no less than 10 gold records cover the walls.

Dote\' is the first to admit that \"it isn\'t easy\" but in the record buisiness, he\'s
considered hot stuff. The New York-born singer, drummer, actor and television host
is also a record producer and arranger who is credited with helping create some of
television\'s top themes ranging from Dallas to Dynasty.

One of his gold records, in fact, is for an album he produced called Hooked On
Themes, which includes an amazing number of TV show themes that he\'s been involved
with. But all that\'s behind him now. These days, Dote\' is striking out on his own as
an entertainer, disc jockey and his current album Hard Life reached number 1 on
internet radio airwaves and is starting to take off in several markets. Most notably
in Europe.

The confident sounding Dote\' has his foot in the door, is off and running-and
expects to bring the local entertainment scene to even higher levels. His concert on
the fourth of July at Nellis Airforce Base in North Las Vegas was sold out to 10,000
screaming spectators. Dote\' made quite an entrance in his Rolls Royce with the
Colonel of the United States Airforce as his Chaffuer. \"I want to contribute to this
town\", said Dote\', who may come off sounding brash but, in reality, seems sincere in
his goals.

\"I have helped do it for all the big stars-now I want to do it for this town\" Dote\'
can back up his words. He\'s been involved in record production for such names as
Tony Bennet, Pearl Bailey, James Darren and Liberace, just to name a few. And other
themes that he\'s worked on include Charlie\'s Angels, Hawaii Five-0, The
Untouchables, Perry Mason and Rockford Files. Dote\' comes by that producing and
arranging naturally.

His father was also in the buisiness-and his biggest claim to fame was discovering
The Doobie Bros. in, of all places, a San Francisco laundromat. He went in to do a
load of wash and heard The Doobie Bros. jamming in a back room, the son said. Now
the son has followed those guidelines with his own record-with growing success.

If his approach to the TV show is anything like he put\'s his music together, it has
certainly proved to be different, that\'s for sure. \"I design music\" he said. \"That\'s
because I go from one extreme to another (when writing)-like combining rock and
reggae. Contending that \"when you dress with color\", Dote\' said he does the same
with his music.

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As I See It By Bob Stupak

Bob Stupak (born April 6, 1942 in Pittsburgh) is a well-known Las Vegas casino owner
and entrepreneur. He is the son of Chester Stupak, a man who operated the longest
running floating craps game in Pittsburgh.

Once the younger Stupak reached legal age, he moved to Vegas and started a coupon
book venture. He sold books full of two-for-ones and other items. Stupak later moved
to Australia to pursue a similar business venture, only to be asked to leave the
country for questionable business practices.

While in Australia, Stupak was briefly married to Annette Suna, and they had a
daughter, Nicole. From 1971 to 1985, Stupak was married to Sandra Joyce Wilkinson,
and had two more children, Nevada and Summer.

Stupak moved to Las Vegas in 1971, eventually raising enough money to acquire a
small, 1.5 acre (6,000 m) parcel north of Sahara Avenue at Las Vegas Boulevard
South. On March 31, 1974, Bob Stupak\'s World Famous Historic Gambling Museum
officially opened for business. \"The name was about 10 feet [3 m] longer than the
casino,\" Stupak recalled years later. On May 21, an air conditioner caught fire and
burned the building down. Arson was suspected, but the insurance company eventually
settled the claim.

In 1979 Stupak opened Vegas World, a casino known for its crazy promotions and new
twists on games. At its peak in the mid 1980\'s, Vegas World grossed $100 million per

In 1989, Stupak won a widely publicized million dollar wager on Super Bowl XXIII.
Later that year, he won the Deuce to Seven Lowball championship at the World Series
of Poker.

In 1995 Stupak suffered a horrendous motorcycle accident, breaking every bone in his
face and going into a coma. Although the initial prognosis was that he would not
survive, Stupak made a full recovery.

At the time of his motorcycle crash, Stupak was at work developing The Stratosphere,
a massive observation tower that would be the largest sign in Las Vegas. The tower
opened in late April of 1996 at a cost of $550 million but was a financial disaster.
Many came to see the tower, but few stopped long enough to gamble, dine or shop. The
Stratosphere went bankrupt soon thereafter, was sold, and is now profitable.

Stupak continues to plan Vegas projects, including a purchase of the Moulin Rouge
Hotel and a huge hotel shaped like the RMS Titanic, but to date these endeavors have
not borne fruit.

Stupak appeared in the first season of the GSN series High Stakes Poker. He also
appeared at a final table during the first season of the World Poker Tour.

Stupak is nicknamed \"The Mayor\" because of unsuccessful campaigns for the office of
mayor of Las Vegas in 1983 and 1987. Locals have also nicknamed him \"Bob Stupid\" for
his many zany business failures.

As of 2006, his total live tournament winnings exceed $556,000

[edit] Campaign for Lieutenant Governor
On May 1, 2006, Stupak unexpectedly filed to run as a Democrat for Lieutenant
Governor of Nevada. [1] Also running were Republican Treasurer Brian Krolicki and
Stupak\'s former girlfriend and former Las Vegas City Councilwoman Janet Moncrief who
was originally a Democrat but ran as a Republican. On November 7, Krolicki was
elected to the post, with Stupak placing third with 17% of the vote.

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