Legendary Buddy Miles and John Dote `DRUMMERS ARE FOREVER`

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Press Release Summary = Legendary Buddy Miles & John Dote / \"DRUMMERS ARE FOREVER\"


Buddy Miles & John Dote\' / \"Drummer\'s Are Forever\"

Buddy Miles made musical history in the late 60\'s when he recorded the album \"Band
Of Gypsy\'s\", live at the Fillmore West, in San Francisco, California with Jimi
Hendrix, who made his legacy from his performance at Woodstock, in New York during
that same era. \"Band Of Gypsy\'s\", released on the Capitol label was one of the
hugest \"hits\" in 1969-70 and on the other side of the coin was a hit theme called
\"Hawaii Five-0\" which was adopted by Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote\' from the album
\"Hooked On Themes\", on the Penthouse Records label. But this story has an ever more
gripping cover to it. The world was overcome by the shock waves at the news that
Jimi Hendrix had died of an overdose. It became headlines internationally. The man,
Hendix, who created musical illussions that were distorted and set his guitar ablaze
(\"Fire\"), was no longer in the life and times of Buddy Miles. During this period,
Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote\' was in high school hosting parties at his parents
mansion in San Carlos, cranking to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles never
knowing that one day he would be rubbing shoulder\'s with the man who is officially
in the Hendrix history books.

Paul McCartney was once qouted as saying that Jimi Hendrix was just a \"fad\" for a
year, but was proved different.One can only imagine what it was like to rise to the
top only to lose his freind, Jimi Hendrix and to watch all of the hard work and
success come crashing down. But Miles\' career wouldn\'t end there. He later went on
to join Carlos Santana for the Columbia recording of Santana\'s Hawaii Tour, recorded
\"live\". Unfortunately, the album was not as successful as \"Band Of Gypsy\'s\". Miles
stated that there were many differences between the two. For example, during their
sessions, Santana wouldn\'t even go into the studio where Miles was. Santana would
send someone else to tell Buddy what to do. Apparently, Miles was offended by that.

By 1986, Dote\' had entered the promotional arena, handling the new release by Janet
Jackson, :\"What Have You Done For Me Lately\" on the A&M label. He was also riding
the charts with the theme from \"Dynasty\" and the theme from the MGM Television
Series \"Dallas\", performing with Greg Allman and recording with Santana\'s brother
Jorge\'. He and Miles became very close freinds and began performing throughout the
Bay Area and Miles left his audiences on their feet with his soulful vocals, Dote\'
on drums and Deacon Jones on organ. It was Jones who brought Miles and Dote\'
together. Now Dote\' was playing behind the man he grew up listening to in his high
school days. It was during this period that Miles and Dote\' would crusie the
Bayshore Freeway at 100 miles an hour (Buddy driving) from one location to another
seeking out deals for Miles. But upon arrival in his custom white Mercedez Benz,
many of those individual\'s just wanted Buddy\'s autograph. They had his albums out on
display for him to sign and as gracious and humble as he was, he did. Dote\'
approached several major record labels that he was connected to. Dote\' had much of
the clout being in promotions, but kept getting turned away, because the labels
thought that Buddy Miles was involved with Sylvester Stuart, better known as Sly and
the family Stone. Dote\' has a knack for performing with legends and Buddy Miles is
certainly that.


Dote\' tried to strike record deals for Miles but was declined because the labels
thought that Miles was involved with Sylvester Stuart, aka, Sly and the family
Stone. Buddy Miles floored John Dote\' with original compositions. Dote\' and Miles
spent quite a bit of time together in Dote\'s San Carlos recording studio. According
to John Dote\', \"the world missed out on Buddy\'s best work\".

Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote\' is now a wedding reception and corporate events
specialist. Call (702) 649-6026 for your upcoming event in Las Vegas!Choose the Disc
Jockey who performed with the legendary Buddy Miles!

John Dote\' Is Rocking Las Vegas!

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