Mother`s Day golf gifts for the rest of us

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Press Release Summary = A list of Mother\'s Day gifts for the golfing mom. Jennifer
Mario\'s \'A Girl\'s-Eye View\' column at

Press Release Body = A golf sno-globe! How cheesy! Or this: a putting-green board
game! Who would ever want such a thing? Ha ha!

Well, I\'m here to tell you, Christmas ain\'t got nothin\' on Mother\'s Day. On Mother\'s
Day, you have kitsch of the worst variety, compounded by the fact that marketers
have no concept of what women actually like.

What do women want, according to these ad wizards? Puppies and babies, apparently.

Take the \"personalized novelty golf balls\" offered up as a Mother\'s Day option for
women golfers at \"From classic to humorous, we\'ll professionally imprint
Any Photo you choose!\" The featured photos on the ad? Puppies and babies.

If it works for mugs and mouse pads, it\'ll work for golf balls, right? Slap a
picture of a baby on it and a woman will buy anything.

The marketers actually aren\'t that far off. Women do like puppies and babies. They
just don\'t want to go around a golf course using their new 460cc driver to whack
puppies and babies in the face.

How about: \"We\'ll professionally imprint a photo of your boss/the politician you
didn\'t vote for/that creepy guy at work who lunches at Hooters a little too often\"?
That might get some takers.

Not only that but the balls offered are Top-Flites, for heaven\'s sake. Babies or no
babies, at least give your woman some Titleists.

Another popular item I\'ve noticed as I snoop around golf shops and online stores is
the \"golf basket.\" One includes a cleverly decorated range-ball bucket featuring
golf-ball-shaped lollipops, lots of curly ribbon and the ubiquitous sleeve of
Top-Flites. did get one thing right: To help you narrow down your choices, they ask
you to consider the personality profile of your giftee. You select from among a list
of types. There\'s \"The Achiever,\" the high-powered, hard-driving executive, and \"The
Adventurer,\" the woman who scales the Himalayas on long weekends.

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April 16, 2007
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