Natural Rugs - The Designers` Choice

Released on = April 19, 2007, 7:30 am

Press Release Author = Steven Handley

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Popular online rug supplier, the Natural Rug Store, is now
considered the resource of choice among modern interior designers thanks to the host
of professional features now available.

Press Release Body = Modern interior design has evolved to offer ever more
opportunity for self-expression, with fresh attention falling on bespoke rugs and
floor coverings.

Floors provide an expansive canvas for designers and a well chosen rug can add a
luxuriant focal point to any room. Natural fibre rugs in particular, promote
harmony; blending robust weaves and delicate tonal hues that complement endless
design schemes.

Custom made natural fibre rugs from the increasingly popular Natural Rug Store
website showcase the outstanding quality of modern rugs on offer today and a
centrepiece rug can be as subtle or as eye-catching as desired, thanks to the
comprehensive range of natural rug designs and border styles available.

Visit to find out more about custom made natural rugs in a
wide range of materials including sisal, jute, coir, bamboo, seagrass, wool and

Successful interior designers are able to make full use of online resources and the
Natural Rug Store with the online Rug Builder providing an ideal tool for those
looking to experiment with creative natural rug ideas and a chance to visualise rugs
in situ before purchasing.

The Natural Rug Store appreciates that online requirements and preferences differ,
and have developed a website that expresses this characteristic customer focus.
Whether a professional interior designer or simply looking for a bespoke natural
fibre rug to complete your room, the Natural Rug Store has a long list of features
that has earned wide-reaching popularity.

For more on natural fibre rugs and the extensive range of natural rugs from the
Natural Rug Store, visit

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163 Stourbridge Road
West Midlands
B63 3UD

Steven Handley
[+44] (0)845 076 0086

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