Shanghai Semiconductor Industry Going Up, Above and High

Released on = April 26, 2007, 3:35 am

Press Release Author = Shushmul Maheshwari

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = Shanghai semiconductor industry is undergoing an epoch of
great success and is expected to continue the same trend. The industry, for the
first time, churned out huge profits in 2006, thanks to its semiconductor-equipment
and chip-design segments.

Press Release Body = The Integrated Circuit Industry Association reported on
February 13, 2007 jubilantly 2006 as the first rewarding year in the history of
semiconductor industry of Shanghai amid the fast-paced growth of domestic
chip-design industry.

The semiconductor industry of Shanghai garnered US$ 128 Million (one billion Yuan)
in the past year as industry stalwarts, including Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing
Corp., and Huahong Group, posted solid growth, stated Xue Zi, Vice-Secretary
General, Shanghai’s Integrated Circuit Industry (SICA) in a statement reported
by CHINAdaily on February 13, 2007.

Revenue collected by the domestic semiconductor industry jacked up by 39% YOY and
touched 39.8 Billion Yuan leaving behind the previous expectation (38.5 Billion
Yuan), said SICA.

The quantum of growth can be realized by the fact that Advanced Semiconductor
Manufacturing Co, a Hong-Kong-listed company, clocked in a profit of around 30
Million Yuan during the initial nine months of 2006. Reportedly, the company
recorded a loss of about 75 Million Yuan in 2005!

Mark Ding, President, Semi China, during a press meet to promote IT fairs –
FPD China 2007 and Semicon China 2007 – said. “It will be a better year
in 2007 as the demand for more advanced chips rises and chip makers adopt latest

According to the RNCOS report “Semiconductor Industry (2007-2010)”, the
Chinese semiconductor industry is the world’s fastest growing industry and has
the potential to influence the growth of global semiconductor industry. Also, the
Asia-Pacific market has outshined the global average industry growth due to mounting
demand for products like computers and consumer electronics that relies on silicon
chips. The highest growth in the demand is reported by China and India, leading to a
shooting demand for semiconductor components.

The market research report presents an exhaustive analysis of the global
semiconductor industry with focus on market value, semiconductor market by product
and end- application, semiconductor equipment industry subsuming wafer fabrication,
and assembly, packaging and test equipment market. Thorough information on all the
key markets of the world with operations in semiconductor industry alongwith
industry analysis including trend analysis, Porter Five forces analysis, success
factors, opportunities, and challenges with future outlook, supplemented with
statistical data, has been provided.

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