Try Golf Resort Konopiste`s D`Este course for casual golf near Prague

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Golf Resort Konopiste is a relatively new arrival on the Czech golf scene. It has
two 18-hole courses: The Radecky and D\'Este. The Radecky is the more challenging.
Both offer accessible golf close to Prague.

BENESOV, Czech Republic - You don\'t expect this kind of clubhouse.

Up the gravel path from the parking lot at Golf Resort Konopiste, it looms large, an
imposing gray and white stone mansion with pitched roofs, ornate eves and a large
clock tower. Around back is a large terrace, welcoming terrace. A few stone
fountains gurgle nearby.

It all has the feel of a royal garden, and when you consider that this small town a
half hour outside Prague was once the home of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, well things
start to make a little sense.

\"There is a great atmosphere here,\" said Jiri Dolansky, a banker from Prague, as he
came off the course.

Golf Resort Konopiste\'s clubhouse, a renovated chateau, gives way to two 18-hole
courses (and a nine) behind it, winding through fertile farmland with gentle hills -
and Ferdinand\'s home, Konopiste Castle - never far from view in the distance

The resort is a relatively new arrival on the Czech Republic\'s golf scene, and
certainly the most accessible golf outside Prague. The signature, par-72 Radecky
course, built in 2002, is a lush and relatively challenging play, stretching to
6,484 yards from tips.

But it\'s the second course, the D\'Este, that\'s the real newbie here. Built in 2005,
it\'s considerably shorter than the Radecky (6,086 yards from the championship tees,
5,730 yards from the men\'s), and much easier.

\"I don\'t think it\'s difficult, compared to the Radecky,\" said Tomas Zahradnik,
Konopiste\'s head professional. \"Most everything is very wide out there.\"

Wide indeed.

Unlike the Radecky, the D\'Este course has practically no trees to speak of. When the
course was built two years ago, workers planted 70,000 trees throughout the course.
They are little more than saplings today, lining most holes but in no way
discouraging you from playing your big clubs off the tee.

The lack of trees on D\'Este brings another factor into play: the wind. This is one
breezy course, with many holes playing considerably longer into the wind.

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April 27, 2007
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