Tucson`s Starr Pass Country Club - Go deep into desert golf

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Press Release Summary = The desert awaits at Starr Pass CC\'s Coyote nine. Tucson
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Press Release Body = TUCSON, Ariz. (April 19, 2007) - You don\'t see the flag. But
you sure see the mountain.

This is how it goes, hole after hole, on Starr Pass Country Club\'s Coyote nine.
Standing on the tee, you\'re looking straight up a hill, the rocky form of a mountain
visible over the crest of the ultra-green fairway. The pin? It\'s back around a bend,
or down the hill.

It\'s a blind shot, but the view is stunning.

\"Something about Coyote messes with my head,\" regular Tucson golfer Steve Norris said.

Either that or it will clear your head. More stunning than even all the blind-faith
shots you\'ll take here is the course\'s remote feel.

Of the three Arnold Palmer nines at Starr Pass, Coyote is the most removed from the
linked JW Marriott resort and golf community. Tucson golf is known for its natural
desert courses, and Coyote is more natural than most.

Coyote\'s my favorite of the nines because it just gives you a sense of just being
out there,\" said Todd Howard, the club\'s director of golf.

In Tucson, where national parks and world-class hiking and mountain-biking trails
are steps from the golf resorts, that means really out there.

You do not see the sprawling JW Marriott from Coyote, nor many of the impressive
second homes fueling Starr Pass\' growth. You do see plenty of towering, 150-year-old
saguaro cacti - some of the back tees are surrounded by them.

It\'s as if Palmer\'s design team got lost in the desert. Ah hell, let\'s just stick
the tee here.

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April 20, 2007
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