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Released on = April 1, 2007, 8:28 am

Press Release Author = Scroll

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = This site will appeal to people, whether at home or in the
office, who find it useful to read today's news from any of 220 countries.

Press Release Body = "Scroll", originally reporting to the oil and gas business and
founded in Canada eighteen years ago, has come up with a site that is useful to
people who want to read today's news from any country in the world. Links take them
directly to the pages of selected national and international newspapers, and with
business in mind, there are further links directly to official trade promotion

To simplify readers' choices, World Press Point excludes websites that require
viewers to log in before they can read the news, making this site easy and pleasant
to browse through. In cases where there is no English-language newspaper for a
country, an English language news site is provided.

An increasing international interest in languages and current events worldwide was
part of the reason why Scroll decided to invest in a website aimed at an audience
that likes to be informed, whether for personal or business reasons.

From 1989 to 2001 when based mainly in Calgary, Alberta, and in Belize, "Scroll"
reported on oil and gas exploration activities around the world to the major oil
companies. During the years in Calgary, the editor, Richard Moir, also wrote a
series of energy software articles which were published in Oilweek magazine.
Scroll has emerged again as a collector of information, this time linking to
selected newspaper sites worldwide.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Company Name: Scroll
95 First Avenue, Digby, Nova Scotia B0V 1A0, Canada
Tel 1 (902) 245 4776
Contact: Richard Moir, Editor

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