Analyze-IT Technologies working for the top retail giants in proving Business Intelligence solutions

Released on = May 14, 2007, 11:48 pm

Press Release Author = Rajeev

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Analyze-IT Technologies proving customer analysis,
segmentation, profiling, data mining.

Implementation of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence solutions.

Press Release Body = Analyze-It Technologies is working on major projects to build a
centralized Business Intelligence Solution for retail giants.

Through Analyze-This' the marketing analysts will be able to follow their 'train of
thought' to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the customer needs
and preferences.

Thus, allowing the user to successfully do the following:

Customer segmentation and profiling
Cross-sell and Up-Sell analysis
Customer profitability and lifetime value analysis
Customer Key Performance Indicator analysis
Acquisition and prospect analysis
Brand, category and product analysis and management
Loyalty program and customer analysis
Campaign performance, response and profitability analysis
External enrichment data integration and analysis

Developed for decision-makers, the Analyze-This Intelligent and Profitable Marketing
CRM solution reduces your reliance on IT and delivers rapid payback on your
investment. Analyze-This is implemented on scalable and affordable PC platforms,
typically within 40 days, creating positive impact and instant return on investment.

Analyze-It Technologies has now major implementations in Asia-Pacific region and
thus is slowly becoming a leader in the Business Intelligence domain in this region.

At present working with all the leaders in all verticals right from FMCG, retail,
online businesses, e-commerces business etc.

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Anshul Kumar

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