Blue River Marketing releases the `How Deep` to help Small Businesses

Released on = May 17, 2007, 12:45 pm

Press Release Author = Blue River Marketing

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Blue River Marketing is proud to offer a new way to help
business owners to market their business on a fixed budget.

Press Release Body = Boynton Beach, Fla. - May 2, 2007 - With advertising agencies
getting more complex in their pricing, it's becoming a lot tougher to work on a
simple budget these days.

One of the main reasons why business ventures fail is due to a lack of proper
marketing. The reason why they don't advertise is a lack of funds. It's in this
spirit that Blue River is releasing the "How Deep?" program. This program is
designed to work with small to medium sized businesses that want to have some level
of local exposure in the media but lack the resources or understanding to know how.
Whether it be local television, radio, newspapers, signs, or all of the above, the
"How Deep?" program shows the different \"depths\" to accomplish it all, and it's at a
reasonable price too.

"I know what its like to bring a business from the ground up; to try and make sales
without having a name that people recognize. In order to sell, you need a name, in
order to have a name you need to sell, to achieve both you need good marketing. So
to help the small businesses we created this program that allows us to present
possibilities within your budget not dead-ends. Talk to us, give us a call, and let
us put your name out there for you," said Gerald Landolfi, Director of Sales at Blue
River Marketing. "We want to help you.\" Here are two of the depths Blue River

Depth ONE:
Internet Marketing Basic Package
FREE Print and Local Distribution of Flyers
FREE Press Release and Distribution
Corporate Identity Package

Depth TWO:
Depth ONE Bundle
UPGRADE to Internet Marketing Premium Package
Direct Mail Sales Letter
Written Advertisement for Magazine, Newspaper or Billboard

Gerald Landolfi has been an entrepreneur all his life. Starting a number of
businesses himself, he understands the complexity of the business market and wants
to share his understanding and knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. Gerald is
director of sales at Blue River Marketing, a marketing agency that's geared in
helping others achieve success.

As stated, Blue River's goal is to help others achieve success by capturing your
targeted market and giving them that "must have" experience. Their services include
strategic brand development, research and benchmarking, as well as a host of
communication and social marketing services. Visit Blue River Marketing online at

Daniel Patrick
Blue River Marketing
Telephone: 561.386.5928

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Contact Details = Daniel Patrick
Blue River Marketing
Telephone: 561.386.5928

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