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Personally, I think every week is women\'s golf week. But that\'s me. I\'m a crazed
addict and get out and play whenever possible. I take my golf clubs everywhere I go
and enjoy playing on unfamiliar courses with complete strangers, as well as on a
home course with friends.

The golf industry recognizes that many women aren\'t so gung-ho and might need a bit
of encouragement. I\'m all for it. Having more women take up golf or take their game
up a notch is great for golf and great for women. So it\'s exciting to see promotions
like the June 2 - June 9 \"Women\'s Golf Week\" helping encourage ladies to get out
there and play.

Now in its third year, Women\'s Golf Week is a Play Golf America production with big
name sponsors, which might sound off-putting but it certainly helped the idea get
recognized and picked up by golf courses and retailers all around the country. And
that benefits you, ladies. Really - it\'s not just a gimmick to get women to go out
and spend lots of money on equipment they get bamboozled into believing will help
them play better. First, they have to convince more women to play and get our games
to the point where we think we need the latest and greatest gear. To do that,
participating facilities are offering lessons and clinics at ridiculously low rates
- many are even free. Golf is an expensive hobby, so we might as well take advantage
of such low budget opportunities when they are presented to us. Of course they want
and will probably get our money in the long run but this is our chance to take
advantage of them while we can.

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May 30, 2007
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