Golf courses need to start charging by the stroke, not the round

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Every so often the golfing public is reminded of a statistic, many times from a
teaching instructor selling a new DVD: the average golfer - about a 19 handicap -
hasn\'t gotten better in years, despite all the advances the game has made.

After all, haven\'t we switched from persimmon to space metals for more forgiveness?

Haven\'t we switched over to soft spikes to make greens roll truer?

Haven\'t we subscribed to numerous golf magazines that offer three cover stories on
\"how to cure your slice\" each year?

But it\'s all been in vain.

There is a fundamental reason at the core of why we aren\'t shooting any better than
our persimmon-clad ancestors. It isn\'t longer courses, poorer instruction advice or
the onslaught of Attention Deficit Disorder that has turned all our brains into

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May 16, 2007
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