Hitchhiker in the Corner Office Hits the Stands

Released on = May 2, 2007, 12:35 pm

Press Release Author = lorana price /holy cow branding

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Raleigh Business Recruiter Pens Book on the Top 10 Hiring

Press Release Body = Raleigh, NC: Employee retention among top-level executives and
managers is a major concern facing the current employment landscape. In his book,
Hitchhiker in the Corner Office: Avoiding the Top 10 Hiring Potholes so Your
Employees Don't Hit the Road ($13.95, ISBN 0-595-43353-7), Orrick Nepomuceno, CPC,
addresses the need for retaining talented people. It provides insight into how to
find a talented candidate, as well as how to keep him or her loyal to the company.
Hitchhiker in the Corner Office is a guide for change, helping businesses look at
their company, employees and hiring processes differently.

Hitchhiker in the Corner Office is available at www.hitchhikerinthecorneroffice.com,
as well as at www.amazon.com. Interested readers can visit the book's official
website for a glimpse of what the book includes and to see what Nepomuceno has
posted on the site's blog.

"Hitchhiker in the Corner Office tackles what is perhaps the greatest challenge
facing our industry: the ability to retain talented people. It's a practical read
full of real-world insights on how to ensure your business is more than just a quick
pit stop on a great employee's journey to success," commented Rick Van Warner,
President of The Parquet Group, a leader in providing strategic counsel and services
to restaurant industry CEOs and leadership teams, addressing issues to improve
organizational effectiveness.

About Orrick Nepomuceno:
Orrick Nepomuceno, CPC is the managing partner of KAON Consulting, an executive
recruiting firm focused on securing talent in the food services sector. With over 15
years experience in the food and hospitality industry as a pastry chef,
award-winning entrepreneur and consultant, Orrick has developed professional
relations with many executives in the industry. He understands the importance of
helping companies build great teams to become successful in today\'s changing

Nepomuceno offers executive search in association with Dick Wray Executive Search,
Inc. With offices throughout the US, they are committed to providing clients with
the highest quality executive search services in the industry. For more information,
email info@kaonconsultants.com or call 866-414-9729.


Web Site = http://www.hitchhikerinthecorneroffice.com

Contact Details = Source: Holy Cow Branding
1409 Kingston Ridge Road
Cary, NC 27511
Media Contact: Lorana Price
(919) 606-2817; lorana@holycowbranding.com

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