Home Business Sensation, Global Abundance Program, Now Advertising With Big Names like MSNBC, Discovery and Golf Channel


Released on = May 17, 2007, 1:56 pm

Press Release Author = The Pinnacle group

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = During the next few months, GAP will dramatically increase their offline presence giving their members an incredible growth opportunity with advertising campaigns uncharted by the Internet business world.

Press Release Body = Chicago, IL - Global Abundance Program (GAP), as seen at ManifestYourFortune.com, is a model of excellence in “Innovative Home-Based Business Solutions” and has started offline advertising with MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Golf Channel and even USA Today.

By eliminating the obstacles that cause 90% of home based businesses to fail; Global Abundance Program (GAP) has become the leader in a thriving home based business industry. Recently seen advertised on names as big as MSNBC and the Discovery Channel, GAP is a model of excellence in “Innovative Home-Based Business Solutions.”

Everyday, thousands of people begin their online business search in hopes of becoming wealthy, but instead of being presented with legitimate opportunities, most are bombarded with get rich quick schemes, multi-level marketing and affiliate programs.

For this reason, Global Abundance Program Founders Mike Churchill and Tod Bell decided to market GAP to a much broader market. They state, “So far we have been promoting to the same people online as all other opportunities out there. While we will continue to do that, we will be putting a much greater emphasis on creating new markets where we do not compete with others, and where prospects are not confused because they have seen a plethora of websites before they see GAP!”

Not only is GAP looking to expand with developed ad spots on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, they are also close to working directly with FM radio talk shows that reach over 14 million listeners everyday. In addition, Mike and Tod are starting to build relationships with other major networks. Marketing to people whose concept of income from home is foreign will mean enormous profits for GAP. Tod Bell stated it best, “they are fresh prospects who are not responding to others in our industry, they are ours! Previous doorway openings will mean nothing as these prospects are not surfing the search engines!”

Tod went on to explain that several large advertising campaigns are being created to target those who are not yet interested in a home based business but do have disposable income to invest. These advertising campaigns will target golfers, doctors, lawyers or anyone interested in earning a corporate style passive income.

Global Abundance Program is unique in that all the leads and sales generated by this additional, targeted exposure are being distributed to the current GAP members through coop advertising. So if they don’t want to, GAP members will never have to advertise their business and they never have to call prospects or even close sales. Everything is done by the GAP staff. GAP is revolutionizing the home based business industry and GAP members will reap the benefits for many years to come.

More information on GAP can be found here: http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com

Chad William Hershey of http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com is founder of his own home based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of the Universal Law of Attraction, as seen in The Secret, and believes fully in The Master Key System. Chad shares his passion and knowledge of being in the home based business arena for the last 15 years and enjoys helping others succeed with Internet marketing.

Web Site = http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com

Contact Details = Chad Hershey
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Naperville, IL 60563


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