Inspirational Self-help Book Provides Keys to Spiritual and Personal Transformation

Released on = May 14, 2007, 12:38 pm

Press Release Author = David M. Bresnahan

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Senior corporate executive, business owner and certified
life coach announces
inspirational, self-improvement book that offers easy-to-understand principals and
life-changing information to improve lives and achieve personal and business goals.

Press Release Body = Houston, Texas - Spend just one hour reading this
self-improvement book and immediately begin the spiritual and personal
transformation for positive change and happiness - that is the promise of this newly
released book.

"You Are What You Think: 7 Principles to Create the Life You Want" (Gray Publishing
House - $14.95) is the first book that provides a simple understanding of how to
apply the principles taught for immediate changes that empower people to create a
life they love.

Pamela Keys, Ph.D., LPC, is a certified life coach, author, teacher, life coach and
motivational speaker with a 15-year background as a senior corporate executive and
business owner. She said she wrote "You Are What You Think: 7 Principles to Create
the Life You Want" for people who are trying to find the answer to why their lives
are not currently working for them.

"You Are What You Think: 7 Principles to Create the Life You Want" is available from
online book sellers, by order from local bookstores, and directly from the author at

The book masterfully takes the wisdom of universal laws and principles that have
been in
existence for thousands of years, and provides a practical approach to applying them
to everyday lives. Action guidelines are provided at the end of each chapter on what
to do to receive immediate results.

"An underlying principal is that you are what you think. If you ask for something,
or worry about something, that's exactly what you'll get. Thus, as the book
describes, the key is to learn to control your thoughts and feelings so you only
attract those things that you really want," explained Keys.

More specifically, the book explains in clear steps how to immediately:

. Create the perfect career
. Find that perfect mate
. Heal relationships
. Create financial independence
. Become clear about direction and goals in life
. Bring customers to any business

Pamela Keys, Ph.D., LPC, is an author, teacher, life coach and motivational speaker.
She conducts workshops across the country on the "7 Principles to Create the Life
You Want" as well as "Emotional Intelligence for Teenagers." She motivates and
inspires audiences with her wisdom, charismatic style, humorous insights, and
contagious positive energy.

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