Liberty League International-Leading The Way To Prosperity and Personal Growth

Released on = May 9, 2007, 11:52 am

Press Release Author = Mentoring You To Success- Jed A. REay

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = One of the world's leading personal development and growth

Press Release Body = Eugene Oregon, May 13, 2007- Liberty League
International-Leading The Way To Prosperity and Personal Growth

Liberty League International is One of the world\'s leading personal development and
growth companies. They launched their online business center and has received rave
reviews. They continue to transform the marketing industry, leading the way with
useful products, successful associates and future growth.

For many parents who desire to stay at home to raise their children, as well as
entrepreneurial spirits still willing to chase the American Dream, home-based
businesses offer a seemingly unique solution. Recent findings suggest that
home-based work is a booming trend, as more and more home-based business owners are
finding success in this enviable arena.

In June of 2006, Kent Hoover, Washington Bureau Chief for the Sacramento Business
Journal, reported that "New research from the Small Business Administration\'s Office
of Advocacy shows that home-based businesses generate more than $100 billion in
revenue a year, and possibly (up to) as much as $500 billion."

The lure of it may seem too good to be true: be your own boss, set your own hours,
little overhead cost, **NOT MLM**, and tremendous earning potential. However, those
in search of an easy, quick buck should take notice that the individuals responsible
for these large, at home reported revenues are typically driven and pioneering, not
afraid to take a risk or carve their own path. Yet with the expansion of this
market, more substantial opportunities continually arise for the taking.

Liberty League International offers individuals and families a home-study seminar
system based on the premise of unlocking the user's inner potential through personal
development and free enterprise. Liberty League International is committed to
helping people reach financial freedom and independence, leading the way to a
superior lifestyle with financial strength and reassurance.

\"Since its creation in 2001, Liberty League has become one of the fastest-growing
personal development companies in the world. It all started with the passion and
drive of the company\'s founders, Brent Payne and Shane Krider. They wanted to
improve not only their lives, but also the lives of others. This decision led to the
development of the BEYOND FREEDOM program and the results were immediately apparent-
people who followed this program were finding financial and emotional freedom. That
is why Brent and Shane decided to take the process one step further. They created
Liberty League International as a way to build a community of wealth-conscious
individuals and to promote the positive life-vision detailed in BEYOND FREEDOM.
Financial and emotional freedom is now within reach of people everywhere.\"

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Eugene, OR 97401

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