Making Disciple`s Crosses - How to End the Frustration and Help Spread the Word of God

Released on = May 18, 2007, 6:37 pm

Press Release Author = James McDonald

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = About A family-run website dedicated to
supplying Disciple\'s Cross producers worldwide with a necessary product and to help
spread their ministry.

Press Release Body = The mission of is to help others spread the word
of God through religious symbols and crafts by supplying them with products that
will ease their burden, quell their frustration, and create a beautiful symbol of
our Lord. believes that our efforts will transcend all religions and
help bring people together to help form a more perfect world for us and our

Making the Disciple\'s Cross necklace is both fun and challenging. It\'s a remarkable
feeling that you can actually make something with your own hands that represents
something so important, gives you peace of mind, and helps spread spirituality
throughout the world. The crosses are absolutely beautiful once you have completed
the project.

Disciple\'s Crosses are basically made of Capewell \"Race Head\' horseshoe nails. They
must be bent in a precise way, using special tools, to create the cross. For people
with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or similar hand and/or wrist problems, or who just do
not have the strength or patience, this can be a very frustrating and costly part of
the cross-making process. After all, once you bend a nail, it\'s over. If it\'s not
bent right, you can\'t straighten and re-bend the nails, they break too easily. You
only get one chance to bend the nail properly. is currently the only website offering pre-bent nails, which are
exactly the same as the straight nails that are sold on the official Disciple\'s
Cross website, for only a few cents more than the standard straight nails. The
website is also a charitable organization which provides help to community churches
and church functions.

Web Site =

Contact Details = 8635 W. Sahara Avenue #430
Las Vegas, NV 89117

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