Mom and kids develop new product that can affect billion dollar air freshener industry

Released on = May 17, 2007, 8:30 am

Press Release Author = shhproducts Jacqueline Demongin

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Splash replaces Air fresher that mixes with odor,which you
spray in the air after using the bathroom.
Splash is squirted into toilet water which blocks odor before using the bathroom

Press Release Body =
Los Angeles, California, May 2007: SHH Products wish to announce the introduction
of their product "Splash" a toilet freshener, which will revolutionize the way you
conduct your business in the lavatory. It is not like air fresheners that blend
with and try to mask any powerful odor. This liquid product was formulated to stop
odor before it starts. A couple of squirts of Splash into the bowl prior to using
the lavatory and you will walk out worry free.

Whether it is Mom buying for her hubbie, a lady buying for her partner or anyone in
an unfamiliar or slightly uncomfortable venue (his or her parents for example) and
wanting to avoid the embarrassment of leaving the bathroom in a different state to
when you entered, Splash is the guaranteed way of keeping your personal activity

As one contented user reports, "My sense of smell is Extremely Acute. Your product
is the most amazing thing I have ever come across". Another fan told reported "Every
year a large group of us rent a holiday suite. This year I put the bottle of Toilet
Splash in the bathroom and no embarrassing moments resulted."

You can keep your personal habits private, just by adding a couple squirts of the
lavender scented Splash, every time you require the security of a safe haven in the

Splash is the brainchild and business of Jacqueline Demongin and 3 of her 6
children, Teddy, Courtney and Kassey. Jacque explains, "While on a family trip for
Mother's Day 06, we came up with the idea of starting a family business. Because we
feel personal hygiene is important in everyone's lives, we decided to create and
distribute personal hygiene products. What makes our company unique is that we are
just me and the kids following our dream. As our company expands, we hope to
develop a family unit, inspire others in a positive atmosphere and have fun doing

The 1.75 fl oz. container of Splash retails at $7-00 and the handy travel pocket
sized container of Splash of 0.2 fl oz. is just $3-00.

For press enquiries, to organize interviews or for case study information please

Jacqueline Demongin of SHH Products, Los Angeles, California.

Tel: 001 888 744 0101
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