Stamford Scientific Inc. Unveils Industry First Ultra-Fine Bubble Diffuser for Cleaner Water Treatment


Released on = May 10, 2007, 2:44 pm

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Industry = Environment

Press Release Summary = SSI announces an industry first ultra-fine bubble diffuser for the membrane diffuser and wastewater treatment market. The ultra-fine bubble diffuser is an exceptionally efficient treatment tool for the wastewater market.

Press Release Body = Stamford Scientific Inc. (SSI), a global leader in wastewater treatment diffuser products and support facility for wastewater treatment plants, announced a new ultra-fine bubble diffuser for the membrane diffuser market.

The new ultra-fine bubble diffuser from SSI produces the finest bubbles of any membrane diffuser currently on the market. In comparison, the panel-disc diffuser bubbles from this ultra-fine bubble diffuser are 0.2 to 0.5 mm in diameter, which compares to 1 mm diameter bubbles in a typical panel diffuser and 2-4mm diameter bubbles in a conventional disc or tube diffuser.

"We are very excited about our new wastewater treatment bubble diffuser product," said Tom Frankel, Director of Stamford Scientific. "Currently, there is nothing in the bubble diffuser market that compares to the effectiveness of our ultra-fine bubble diffuser product."

"This product changes everything for those who purchase aeration systems based on life cycle costs. The ultra-fine bubble diffuser is more economical than conventional membrane disc or tube system, has a moderate headloss, and very high oxygen transfer efficiency. Wastewater treatment has never been more effective in producing clean water!"

The new design concept utilizing a reinforced thin EPDM (Ethylene Proylene Diene Monomer) membrane with a low surface energy fouling resistant coating supports a reasonable pressure drop across the membrane. The ultra-fine bubble diffuser is economical is now ready for sale worldwide. This product complements the existing replacement tube diffuser and bubble diffuser products already offered by Stamford Scientific Inc.

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