Travel tips for golfers - From playing private courses, to free rental car upgrades, the secret`s out

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Press Release Summary = Here are some money-saving travel tips for planning your
golf vacation. Features at

Press Release Body = When you\'re booking a golf vacation, these money-saving travel
tips can help you get tee times at exclusive private courses, upgrade to a better
hotel room and save money on rental cars.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - It happens everywhere from the coffee shop to the sushi
place. PGA Professional Tim Hurja, whose company sells Southern California golf
travel packages, will be talking to a golfer lamenting how he\'s always wanted to
play the Bighorn Golf Club but knows he\'ll never get the chance.

After all, Bighorn is as private as Fort Knox and about as inaccessible to nonmembers.

\"I can get you on,\" Hurja will reply.

Someone from a nearby table or the next spot in line will excuse him- or herself for
eavesdropping and ask, \"How?\" Or, \"What are you talking about?\"

\"A lot of times, it will be a Bighorn member,\" Hurja laughs. \"And they\'ll want to
know how the heck I can get golfers on their courses. You have to be pretty

Diplomatic because insiders are as unaware of the secrets outsiders use to gain
access as us outsiders. There are tricks though, more tips than hardware in Tiger
Woods\' trophy case, that can make the difference.

It\'s often about how much you know rather than who you know.

\"Being a smart traveler gives you a huge edge,\" said Joe Lipcorm, who frequently
takes golf vacations. \"Because let\'s face it, most travelers aren\'t that smart.\"

Consider this a course in golf traveler IQ.

\"That\'s the thing,\" Lipcorm said. \"No one thinks they\'re the dumb traveler. It\'s
like how everyone thinks they\'re a great driver.\"

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May 2, 2007
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