Web Site Shows Fundamentalism Isn`t The Only Christianity

Released on = May 28, 2007, 10:08 pm

Press Release Author = Brian Robertson

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = ChristianMystic.com, the Popular site visited by both a
dramatic variety of Christians and Non-Christians, announces significant changes and
expanded content and services.


Austin, TX - May 29, 2007 -- ChristianMystics.com, a site frequented by visitors of
all religious and spiritual backgrounds, has added a significant number of features
and content over the past week.

According to Brian Robertson, site developer, \"We are excited about the new items.
This is all done with one thing in mind: we are visited by a wide spectrum of those
interested in the spiritual side of life. Within that, we want to feature both
contemporary and traditional Christian mystics.\"

Indeed, ChristianMystics.com is linked to from a stunning variety of sites --
Episcopalian to Catholic, Unitarian to Baptist, liberal to conservative, and even
those who have left the ranks of Christianity for other traditions or do not profess
any religious connection at all.

New features include the launch of Podcasts on the site, designed as a series of
lessons, interviews and reviews. These are hosted by Brian Robertson and draw on
questions and comments from listeners. Brian Robertson\'s background as a
professional storyteller as well as his years as a Talk Show Host on an
ABC-News/Talk affiliate make him a natural to do the Podcasts.

ChristianMystics.com also has launched a small library of free eBooks which
represent some of the best classic Christian titles available on the Net. These
include \"The Imitation of Christ,\" \"Practice of the Presence of God,\" \"The Cloud of
Unknowing,\" \"Dark Night of the Soul,\" \"The Interior Castle,\" \"Mysticism\" by Evelyn
Underhill, \"Orthodox\" by G. K. Chesterton, \"Meister Eckhart\'s Sermons,\" and \"Essays
of Ralph Waldo Emerson.\"

In addition, ChristianMystics.com has announced it\'s own imprint for the publication
of eBooks, the first being \"Christian Counsel and Spiritual Letters\" by Fenelon, the
18th Century champion of the mystic within the Church. Also slated for publication
is a Revised Christian Mystic\'s New Testament due out in Fall of 2007.

Other changes on the site include an extensive section on Quaker mystics which has
just been added, along with such long-requested features as a Prayer Request, a
Prayer Altar, live chat for visitors to the site and much, much more.
ChristianMystics.com is in the process right now of expanding its Links section to
draw traffic and attention to some of the best of the Christian and Spirituality
sites on the Internet.

\"We\'re here to concentrate on the spirituality OF Jesus,\" Robertson explains, \"not
just on the religion ABOUT Jesus. Those are two very different things.\"

In addition, the Site\'s underlying purpose is to remind Christians that the
tradition of the mystic in Christianity is nothing new. It dates back to the very
spirit and foundation of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. As Robertson said in a
recent Podcast, \"A Christian mystic is not a person who cares only for creeds and
dogmas, but, instead, wants to base his or her religion on personal experience of
God\'s Presence.\"

The content is well-written and plentiful, with mountains of articles and essays on
elements of mysticism as well as insights into the lives of traditional Christian
mystics of the past. Names that pop up as authors and subjects include St. Francis,
Brother Lawrence, St. John of the Cross, C.S. Lewis and even St. Paul. Everything
you want to know is covered: from the historical context of mystic practices to the
theory behind them and including practical exercises to try yourself. Whether you
meditate regularly or only have a passing interest, the breadth of knowledge at this
site makes it the perfect place to explore further.


Web Site = http://www.christianmystics.com

Contact Details = Brian Robertson (Spokesperson)
publisher, writer
3503 Southridge
Austin, Tx 78704

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