Your Crash Video - Did You See it Did you Get It

Released on = May 4, 2007, 8:28 pm

Press Release Author = Dmitriy

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Enjoy the richest collection of crash-related videos on the
internet. Join the community and upload your own content to compete for status and
win prizes.

Press Release Body = (PressMethod) - Vehicle crashes are a unique type of videos.
They can be terrifying, impressive or even funny. Most of all, they are addictive
and this is the place to see and share them all.

Post your most exciting crash videos
Rate the videos of others
Rise in rank among users
Receive valuable prizes

But if you just want to browse, that\'s okay too. Enjoy our extensive collection!

We encourage users to upload original content and not copyrighted material from
other sources. Not only will it show respect for copyright laws, but it will make
your profile an in-demand source of unique videos.

While most videos on YourCrashVideo are entertaining and fun, some do contain
accidents that resulted in severe injury or death. They can be disturbing to watch.
If you are opposed to viewing this kind of material, we recommend that you do not
risk viewing ANY of the content on the site.

It is not our intention to make light of tragic accidents and fatal crashes. We hope
that the videos seen here can help people become better aware of the dangers of
operating vehicles at high speeds, haphazardly or under the influence, and help
improve public safety on the road, at sea and in the sky.

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