`Europe for Visitors` praises the new CCC Publishing travel guide `Sacred Places Europe - 108 Destinations`

Released on = June 22, 2007, 10:31 am

Press Release Author = CCC Publishing

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Press Release Summary = Brad Olsen's "Sacred Places" guidebook series was launched
in 2000 with Sacred Places Around the World.
That book, now in its second edition, earned attention from The Sunday Times of
London, the San Francisco
Chronicle, Spirituality & Health, Mode, and the San Francisco Examiner, which wrote:
"Olsen's marvelous
drawings and mysterious maps enhance a package that is as bizarre as it is
wonderfully accessible. The
historical data and metaphysical ruminations make it an intriguing read."

Press Release Body = The latest book in the series, Sacred Places Europe, follows in
the tradition of
Sacred Places Around the World and Sacred Places North America (2003). The
new book is a detailed guide to 108 destinations in Great Britain, Ireland, France
and the Low Countries, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Germany
and the Alps, Greece, Italy and Malta, and the Iberian Peninsula.
The featured destinations are eclectic and offer something for everyone: For
example, the Great Britain chapter has sections on "The Geoglyphs of Britain"
and the Lindisfarne Ruins on the Northumbrian Coast, followed by a section
on Liverpool and the Beatles (whose sacred status is based on John Lennon's
comment that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus Christ"). As a bonus, the
author includes a list of U.S.-based tour outfitters who specialize in sacred places
or pilgrimages; the list includes Web addresses and phone numbers.
Author Brad Olsen is clearly a man who knows and loves his topic. If you're visiting
Europe and have an
interested in sacred sites from Glastonbury and Kildare to the Shroud of Turin or
the Infant Jesus of Prague,
Sacred Places Europe is well worth its reasonable price. You can order the book from
your local bookstore,
from Amazon, or-even better-from CCC Publishing, which sells Sacred Places Europe at
a 40% discount
from the U.S. list price of $19.95.
Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations
Paperback, 320 pages plus 16 color pages
US $19.95, CAN $24.95
ISBN 1-888729-12-0
For more information about the book series "Sacred Places: 108 Destinations,"
interested parties can visit www.
cccpublishing.com or can email Brad Olsen: info cccpublishing.com
About CCC Publishing
Brad Olsen founded the San Francisco-based Consortium of Collective Consciousness
Publishing and the
former artist space of the same name in 1995. His passion is to enlighten more
potential travelers to discover the
beauty and mystery of worldwide sacred places.
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Web Site = http://www.cccpublishing.com

Contact Details = CCC Publishing
530 8th Ave. #6
San Francisco, CA 94118

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