Book Release Advocate of the People`s Rights - James L Bevel, The Right To Vote Movement

Released on = June 26, 2007, 1:15 pm

Press Release Author = Edmond Publication

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = This book reveals the true history of the Selma Right To
Vote Movement. It clearly shows how Reverend James L. Bevel, developed the proposal
and implemented the plan, without the approval of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It
also delineates the state of Alabama and the south before the Voting Rights Act,
what the Voting Rights Act is, and how to maintain it. The book also contains a copy
of the original proposal, written by Reverend Bevel and submitted to Dr. King and
other civil rights leaders.

Press Release Body = Reverend James L. Bevel's contribution to achieving the
Right-To-Vote is documented in this compilation by Helen Edmond. It appears that
very little has been released on the work and achievements of James Bevel who was
recently charged with incest in Virginia earlier in June.

Advocate for the People's Rights: James L. Bevel, The Right-To Vote Movement is now
available from at Just place the name Bevel in the
Lulu search engine.

There is a wonderful compilation of quotes from major civil rights leaders about
Bevel included in the beginning of the book. The book starts off with excerpts from
various books that creates a story of how the right-to-vote was achieved due to the
initiation, development and work of James Bevel. The book includes writing from
Bevel on such things as precinct council development, government and nonviolence.

The original proposal written by Bevel is included in the book. In addition,
historical excerpts from famous and not so famous statesman are included at the top
of each page affirming the value of the right to vote. The book has a chapter on
what life was like before the Voting Rights Act, what the Voting Rights Act is and a
typical voter registration day for black people in Alabama before the voting rights

The book includes information about often known characters who were instrumental in
the achievement of the right to vote like Amelia Boynton, Fannie Lou Hamer, Myles
Horton, Bernard LaFayette and Richard Boone. All in all this is a wonderful book
for use in voter education and participation.

The book sells for $29.99 and can be ordered as a 8 " x 11" paperback book. It is
published by Edmond Publication. Edmond Publication will be releasing a new book in
October of 2007, which will be the memoirs of one of James Bevel's former wife.
This will be a look into the personal and historical life of this enigma of human

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