Forget all the Tiger Woods daddy talk - LPGA golfers face the really tough parenthood choice

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Press Release Summary = Ask an LPGA pro how parenthood affects a golf career. Chris
Baldwin\'s On the Spot column at

Press Release Body = How will Tiger Woods\' fatherhood affect his golf game? LPGA
players, and even Nick Faldo, know it\'s a stupid question. Tiger will still be
Tiger, but for women pro golfers deciding to become a parent means putting your
career on the line.

When Morgan Pressel was asked a few weeks ago how Tiger Woods\' then-impending
fatherhood would affect his golf game, she fired a birdie to the heart of a stupid

\"How would it hurt him?\" Pressel asked. \"He\'s a guy.\"

Yes, there is a whole other tour of professional golfers who know how overblown this
Daddy Tiger debate truly is.

If you\'re a female athlete, having a baby becomes more than just an existential
exercise. It\'s a decision that must be weighed carefully against your entire
athletic career, which it\'s guaranteed to effect in real, physical ways - and that\'s
just the beginning.

A lot of sports columnists are delighting in playing Dr. Spock when it comes to
Tiger\'s ruthless competitive drive in the aftermath of Sam Alexis\' arrival. But it\'s
a safe bet Woods himself didn\'t spend much time ruminating over how fatherhood was
going to impact his career before Elin got pregnant.

For one thing, he is not naive, or stupid. He knows he and Elin are going to have a
platoon of nannies bigger than some developing countries\' militaries. Forget Hillary
Clinton\'s village. The Woods are going to have a well-paid staff.

That typical first-time-parent fretting over being able to get a babysitter to go to
a movie every few months is not a concern for them. Even if many sportswriters -
people who are paid to know better - often seem ignorant of these basic truths.

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June 25, 2007
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